Sunday, April 1, 2012

Rising Up For Breakfast in Phoenix

Matt's Big Breakfast
801 North 1st St. 
Phoenix, AZ 85004

Spring in Arizona! The weather is beautiful. The smell of fresh cut grass is in the air. This time of year can only mean one thing, it is time for some spring training baseball. We were going to be having the ultimate Phoenix sports day. We were planning on touring Bank One Ballpark, home of the Arizona Diamondbacks in the morning. After that we were headed to Tempe to watch our hometown Angels play the Padres. Then, after that we were going across town to tour University of Phoenix Stadium, home of the Arizona Cardinals. If we were going to accomplish all of this, we were going to have to have a big breakfast. That is where Matt's Big Breakfast comes in.

Matt's Big Breakfast is a Phoenix institution, and just what the doctor ordered for our very full day ahead. This place has been written up in almost all of the local magazines and newspapers. Been featured on local TV, as well as Diner's, Drive-Ins and Dives and Best Thing I Ever Ate on the Food Network.

We got to Matt's at 10 on a Friday morning. There was of course a wait. I think a lot of people were visiting the Phoenix area watching their favorite baseball teams, just like us. After writing our name on the waiting list outside the door, we finally got our name called forty minutes later. I had heard that Matt's was small, and this is an understatement. We were seated right next to the front door. Not the best seat in the house, but I was just happy to finally be closer to eating. After looking at the small menu, we made our selections and waited for the food to come our way.

As usual when we are eating at a place that been featured on TV, I try to get what the host got. At Matt's, Guy Fieri was all about the Chop and Chick. I very rarely order pork chops in restaurants, because most of the time they are over done, tough, or just don't have enough flavor. This was not the case here. I can honestly say that this was the best pork chop I have had in a restaurant. Very simply made, tender and thick, with a great meaty flavor. It went well with the eggs, and the perfectly cooked hash browns served with this. I really noticed a lack of heaviness after eating this meal. Very good!

It is not everyday that I write about a side of bacon, but this is not just your run of the mill swine. This bacon is special. Thick cut and peppered from Iowa. Well worth the $2.50 for three pieces. Not crazy salty, but still with a good meaty flavor. Some of the best I have had. A definite must get when you come here.

Katie went with the special they were running when we ate here. This egg scramble included asparagus, mozzarella cheese, red peppers, and bacon. Every veggie was fresher than the next. This was easily the best asparagus that Katie had ever eaten. The potatoes were cooked perfectly. Very flavorful dish. Katie summed this plate up by saying, "this is one of the best breakfasts I have had".

Both of our breakfasts came with toast. I had the sourdough above. It was very hearty bread, which had a good chew to it, and a good flavor. Katie selected the cinnamon raisin bread. She liked the subtle sweetness of this. The preserves that are served with the bread were worth note as well. They are made by a local farm, Terra Verde. Not as clumpy as store brand preserves, these were a little more runny, but spread easily. Very fresh tasting. 

After reading this review, I bet you can guess how this place will be rated. Breakfast is a very simple meal in theory, but there is so much that can go wrong with it. This is not the case at Matt's Big Breakfast. The breakfast's are very simply done, but done right. It all comes down to the quality ingredients that they use. Cage free eggs, organic produce, grain fed Iowa pork, and Angus beef are the cornerstones that make up this great first meal of the day.  Prices are very wallet friendly here. No breakfast item on their menu even comes close to double digit territory. The pork chop and egg is the closest at $8.  Service was no issue here. They were very quick getting the food out and kept our glasses full. The next time we are in the Valley of the Sun, we will definitely come to Matt's for breakfast.

Out of five camels, (because it is illegal to hunt the humped animal in the state of Arizona), five being best to zero being worst, Matt's Big Breakfast gets 4.5 solid camels. 

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  1. Angels stadium is getting brand new food for the 2012 season. Check it out! One thing is no more Rubys or Carls Jr, they will be replaced with Jack in the Box.

    See you soon!

  2. There is also going to be Chronic Tacos. Have not tried them yet. Gonna be a god year I hope! Thanks for the comment!

  3. Breakfast is one of my top three favorite meals of the day. This looks great! We will have to try Matt's Big Breakfast.

  4. 24 Hour - Yes, you need to get to Matt's. Awesome place. I still dream about the breakfast that I had there. Thanks for reading the blog.