Monday, December 28, 2009

Is It Worth the Drive Downtown to Doug's?

Doug's Downtown Grill
12900 Main St.
Garden Grove, CA 92840

Looking for something new to do, my girlfriend and I went to the Gem theater to watch, "A Funny Thing Happened On the Way to the Forum". We got there about an hour early, so we decided we would try one of the local dining options that was within walking distance. We decided on Doug's Downtown Grill.

This rainy Friday night was pretty slow at Doug's, so we got right in and were greeted by a cheerful waitress. We alerted her to the fact that we were going to the play, so we would be in a hurry. She reacted like she had heard this before, so it was no big deal. Doug's is a casual bar/restaurant that you immediately feel comfortable in.

This is my salad that came with my meal that I ordered. Nothing too spectacular here, but it had crisp lettuce, and the blue cheese dressing was adequate.

Here are two pictures of my meal, the grilled marinated tri-tip. This dish came with julienne vegetables, and a choice of a side, I chose the twice baked potato. The meat was cooked just like I like it, medium rare. The marinade was subtle, and added a nice flavor to the meat. The twice baked potato was good, and the vegetables were just okay. I felt that this was a good value at $13.

Here is Katie's grilled ham and cheese stack, served with sweet potato fries. I felt that there was too much bread for this sandwich. Instead of a Kaiser roll, two pieces of toast would have been more appropriate. Also, two slices of ham and a slice of swiss cheese should never be called a stack. She did love the sweet potato fries, I thought they were good for sweet potato fries, but I usually do not like them, so I will go by her judgment on those.

So, how to size up Doug's? I thought it was a cool little joint, and if I was to go to more plays, or was in the area, I would for sure give them another shot. The service was great, and it is a place you can really feel comfortable in. Also, it was good value for the money.

Out of five parking meters,(get it?,  because we are downtown), five being best to zero being worst, I would give Doug's 2.5 parking meters.

If you would like more information on Doug's Downtown Grill, check them out here:

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  1. See? I told you I would read it tonight!!! Love you and that was a great review and an awesome night - I will make you a sweet potato fries convert yet!!! :)