Monday, April 30, 2012

Prime Cut Cafe 3 Course Meals for $20!

Prime Cut Cafe
1547 W. Katella Ave.
Orange, CA 92867

The Stadium Promenade has suffered some loses in the past few years. Bob's Big Boy, my very first reviewed place shut down early this year. A short time later the Auld Dubliner shuttered as well. A few years back, Carino's suffered a similar fate. None of these restaurants have been replaced with anything since their departure. I would say this center is cursed, but they do have some good going on here, like Prime Cut Cafe.

Prime Cut Cafe opened in 2008, and we reviewed it in late 2010. You can read that review here. We liked the restaurant back then, but I knew that I should have gotten what they were famous for, beef. Lucky for us we were invited to try their new $20 Three Course dinners, and I was sure that there would be some red meat on this prix fixe menu. I would not let my chance slip away this time.

Prime Cut can best be described as a California casual restaurant. Earth tones dominate the dining space, and a spaciousness is indicated with its high ceilings. The decor and service is reminiscent of a fine steakhouse restaurant, but with a more relaxed feel to it. What you probably will not see at one of those fancy steak places is a $20 Three Course dinner. This dinner is offered Monday through Thursday, 4pm to close. Enough of the details, let's check out the food.

The first course selections include eight different options. So whatever you are in the mood for, you will find something to start your meal off right. Both Katie and I selected salads to begin our meal at Prime Cut Cafe. She went with the Baby Iceberg Wedge Salad. This salad brought big time flavor with the addition of applewood smoked bacon, chopped egg, tomatoes, and Point Reyes blue cheese crumbles. Hearts of Romaine Caesar Salad was my choice. The presentation was a little different than I expected, but the house made Caesar dressing more than made up for it, and the unique Parmesan croutons were an excellent addition here.

This shot of the Shortrib Pasta is a little deceiving. It makes the portion size look small, but this was definitely not the case. This comfort food classic is made of a heavy ragout sauce of slow cooked shortribs, served over fettuccine noodles. Katie had a hard time cleaning her plate here. The meat was tender, the pasta cooked well, and there were bursts of garlic in the sauce that really blew her away. She would get this again for sure.

True to my word, I selected a red meat option, the Filet Mignon Steak Sandwich. This sandwich had it all. Sturdy bun that held all the contents perfectly, steak that was cooked the way it is supposed to be, medium rare, fresh produce, and a solid flavor boost from the Point Reyes blue cheese crumbles. I was really happy with this sandwich.

The Three course meal wraps up with dessert. Katie selected the Creme Brulee, which is made in house at Prime Cut Cafe. Katie called this one of the best she has had. Good caramelization on top to go along with the smooth vanilla bean custard below. I am a real Carrot Cake snob, but this one was among some of the best I have had. The cake portion was filled with pineapple, walnuts, coconut, and carrots. Very moist, but the whipped cream cheese icing stole the show here. It was light and had a hint of cinnamon. great way to finish our meal.

We left Prime Cut knowing that we will be back very soon. This three course meal is a real bargain at $20. With six entrees, four dessert options, and eight starters the combinations of meals you can have at Prime Cut Cafe are going to keep you coming back. Service was first rate during our visit here.

We would like to thank the staff and management of Prime Cut Cafe for hosting this wonderful food event for us. You were all great. We would also like to thank Pamela Waitt of the Orange County Restaurant Association for the invitation to this great dinner. Thank you so much.

For more information on Prime Cut Cafe, and their prix fixe meals, click here:

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