Saturday, April 30, 2011

Stamping Our Pizza Passport at Little Italy

Little Italy Pizza
55 West 45th Street
New York, NY 10036

If you are a tourist in New York you can count on many things. Your neck will become sore from looking up at all the buildings. You will have to buy an extra memory card for your camera, because you have taken so many pictures of all the sites. Your feet will be throbing from all the walking that you have done. Lastly, tourists can count on finding one of the eight pizza places in the city that calls itself Little Italy.

Not sure if there is just a shortage of creative names in the Big Apple, or if they used to be all together and then split up. It can get confusing for an out of towner. Luckily, Katie had her smart phone and we could look at Yelp for a pizza place near our hotel. The reviews were all pretty posetive for Little Italy Pizza, so that is where we headed.

The menu at Little Italy Pizza informs us that they are not affiliated with any other Little Italy Pizza. They have been originally owned and operated since 1965. Now that is some staying power. They sell pizzas by the slice here, and they have a very good selection as you will see. When walking in the pizzas are already cooked and behind the glass case. After ordering, the slices are placed back in the oven for heating. Let's see how they turned out.

Here is a quick overview of what we ordered. Four pieces of pizza and Garlic Knots. Now for a closer look.

First up we have the Buffalo Chicken pizza. This pizza came with spicy chicken pieces and fresh mozzerella. I liked this pizza a lot. They definitely did not skimp on the chicken here. I felt it could have been spicier, but I almost always say that.  Crust was good, held the toppings well and it let the toppings and cheese be the star of the show.

I went with a more tradiotional route for my second slice, the Sausage and Pepperoni Slice. Once again there were toppings in each bite here. The sauce was good, but the toppings were better. Not greasy like the pizzas at home. The cheese was very good on this as well. This slice was made even better after I added crushed red pepper to it.

Let's take a quick detour away from the pizza and check out the Garlic Knots. These were very good. Loaded with garlic and very soft. The texture on these was spot on. Enough garlic to kepp Dracula away for awhile.

Katie's choice was the Grandma Slice. This Sicilian slice is brushed with olive oil and garlic, then topped with mozzerella and San Marsano tomato sauce. Katie loved the uniqueness of this slice. I always want a little meat on pizza, but this was good, even though it was meatless. The ingriedients were fresh on this slice and made this pizza.

Katie could not stop raving about this White Pizza. Ricotta, mozzerella and Romano cheeses made  up this grown up tasting cheese pizza. Katie liked the buttery flavor that resulted when she bit into the slice. I liked this as well, even with the abscence of meat.

Little Italy Pizza was a very good pizza place. After having too many meals standing up, my parents were very happy that this was a decent sized restaurant with plenty of tables. I am sure that they are very busy for lunch, but we were here at dinner, and we were one party out of three others in the joint.
The prices here were also very reasonable. Slices of pizza ranged from between $2.75 to $4.95. Who says that New York is so expensive?

Out of five soccer balls, five being best to zero being worst, Little Italy Pizza gets three solid soccer balls.

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