Friday, April 16, 2010

Does Guy Fieri Redeem Himself at the Twisted Root?

Twisted Root Burger Company
2615 Commerce St.
Dallas, TX 75226

So Katie and I went on vacation to Dallas for five days in April. Our purpose for the trip was to see the sights, go to a hockey and baseball game, and of course find and sample the best food that big D has to offer. This is part four of seven in our Dallas series. So sit back, grab a yellow rose and enjoy this special edition of Eating My Way Through Dallas.

The last time that we went to a place where Guy Fieri went, we left very unhappy, (Read the Four Kegs review here: So it was with great skepticism that we went to the Twisted Root. The Twisted Root story goes like this, three chefs were tired of horrible burger places, so they decided to open up their own place and basically make everything from scratch, even the mustard and ketchup. Let's see if they have succeeded in their mission.

The Twisted Root is located in the Deep Elum district of Dallas, not far from the Angry Dog. Right after we had parked, the electricity went out for about five minutes.  Just when we had started to contemplate leaving it went back on. The restaurant has a great vibe, and all of the staff seems real cool. After ordering you are asked to pull your name out of a hat, and that is how you know when your order is ready. So when they called Tony Romo, we ran to the counter to receive our burgers.

Above is Katie's burger. She went with the Chipotle, Guacamole and Pepperjack Burger. This burger was as good as it looks in this picture. The two bites that I got were bursting with flavor. The meat, which is a combo of chuck and brisket meats was very juicy, the pepperjack had a mild kick and the guacamole tasted fresh.

Katie also chose the Fried Green Beans above. I am no fan of green beans, but this side item proves that anything can taste good as long as it is fried. The breading on thses was just the right amount, and these tasted great with a side of ranch.
I ate what Guy had here, the Western Burger. This had jalapenos, pepperjack cheese, bacon and onion straws. This burger was phenomenal. The only complaint I could make was that it was not big enough. I think I could of had three of these! Really a good solid burger. The fries were okay, I should have taken the counter girls recommendation and gone with the spicy fried pickles.
Above are the homemade ketchup, bbq sauce and mustard that they have here. All of these were great and had a little twist to them. The mustard had horseradish added, the ketchup had chipotle, and the barbeque sauce was just plain good. Definitely try all of these if you go here.
I just wish I had tried the milkshakes here. They are all homemade and looked really good. I guess this gives us a reason to go back. Guy Fieri, you are forgiven for steering me wrong in the past, just don't do it again, okay?
Now for the rating, out of five carrots, (my favorite root), five being best to zero being worst, Twisted Root gets four carrots.
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