Friday, February 19, 2010

Tapped Out at The Four Kegs

Four Kegs
276 North Jones Boulevard
Las Vegas, NV 89107

This is part two of my trip to Vegas, and the second of two places that have been featured on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives with Guy Fieri. This joint is definitely off the beaten track of Vegas. This sports bar/ family restaurant is located in one of the most rundown strip malls I have ever been to. Lets hope the food livens the place up.

The restaurant is pretty busy at noon on a Thursday, but the four of us have no trouble finding a table. From what I can tell they only have one waitress for the whole place, but there are only about 12 to fifteen tables in this small restaurant. The waitress is not pleased when we ask for two separate checks, and says that she is far too busy to accommodate us. She storms off after taking our order. Lets take a look at the food now.

This, no joke, was our order of onion rings that we got for an appetizer. We counted about twelve rings. Not wanting to ruffle the feather of our waitress any further, we did not mention the stingy portion. The onion rings were average tasting, nothing that you could not get at a decent coffee shop.

This is the Steak sandwich. The bite that I had was a little fatty, but I liked this well enough, and the seven dollars you paid for this sandwich was worth it. The bread was not the best and the fries were just okay.

Here is the French Dip. Again nothing too fantastic here. The meat seemed a little over done to me, nothing that you could not get from Coco's or Carrow's.

Alright, so this what they talked about on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives, the Stromboli. This is the Original large Stromboli. This was large enough to split, even with my big appetite. This had pepperoni, and other meats in it, not sure which ones, because the menu did not give a description, and I was not going to tempt fate and ask the waitress anymore questions than I had to. The meats were bland tasting, I should have gone for the combo boli, or the meatball boli. The crust was good and buttery. The marinara was alright.

This is Katie's more manageable small Vegetable Stromboli. She liked this boli, better than I liked mine, and it really helped her hangover from the night before.

So how should this place be judged? I did have high hopes going into it, because it was featured on TV. The place did not live up to those expectations. Guy lived in Vegas while he was in school and this was one his favorite spots to hangout, so of course he has an affinity for it. I can understand that, I love Bob's Big Boy, but I know that it is not the worlds best place. I can not give the same amount of love that Guy gave this place. It is just average to below average food, with bad service. They just got lucky that one of their regulars became famous and put them on TV, or they would be like the rest of their strip mall, out of business.

So out of five taps, (because kegs have taps), five being best to zero being worst, this place gets one tap.

For more information on the Four Kegs, there web site is here:

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