Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Leaving Las Vegas...After a Great Breakfast

3708 South Las Vegas Blvd. 
Las Vegas, NV, 89109

Our 24 hour trip to Las Vegas was coming to a quick end. After the drubbing that our Ducks took the evening before, at the hands of the hometown Vegas Golden Knights, not to mention the bad luck we had in the casinos, we could not get home soon enough. Breakfast was needed to be eaten first though, and I dragged everyone to a place I have wanted to try forever, Eggslut.

Eggslut is located at the Cosmopolitan Hotel. Just take the escalator from the casino to the second floor, and you'll be in foodie heaven. The Cosmo is becoming the premier food destination on the strip. Very well known restaurant concepts, such as Momofuko, Milkbar, Holsteins, Hattie B's Hot Chicken, Lardo, and Ghost Donkey are all situated near, or inside the hip Block 16 Urban Food Hall, which like Eggslut is situated on the 2nd floor of the Cosmo.

Founded in 2011 at the Grand Central Market in LA, Eggslut is a chef-driven, gourmet food concept inspired by the egg. Their goal appears to be to make the best egg sandwiches out there and show that these sandwiches are not just for breakfast. The long lines at all of their five US locations, along with their lone international spot in Beirut, Lebanon seem to suggest that they have met their goal and it has really resonated with consumers. Needless to say, I was growing very excited for my initial visit.

When we arrived at the Cosmo at half past nine on a recent Thursday morning, we were met with a rather intimidating line of people that wrapped around the front of Eggslut and went halfway down a long hallway. We waited for twenty minutes to a half an hour, which gave us plenty of time to review and make our selections off of their rather compact menu. 

They offer six sandwiches and two specialty items, (a buttermilk biscuit and their namesake item, The Slut, which is a coddled egg served on top of a potato puree in a mini mason jar). Items hover around the $10 mark, but the tri-tip and egg sandwich will set you back $15. We ordered at the counter and then waited in awe as we watched the busy kitchen workers cranking out an endless amount of breakfast sandwiches for their hungry customers. It was really quite an impressive process to see and gave me an even greater respect for the kitchen workers that provide food to a very hungry public. After receiving our food, we searched for a place to sit and finally found a spot on the couches right near the giant crystal chandelier. Let's see what all the hype was about at Eggslut.

My mom will start things off for us on this morning with her Bacon, Egg, and Cheese Sandwich ($8.50). This sandwich usually comes with chipotle ketchup, but my mom subbed it out for mayo. The cage-free over medium egg, applewood bacon, and cheddar cheese combined to make this sandwich a winner in her book. She found this to be a very enjoyable sandwich, one that was worth waiting in line for, and she does not like waiting in lines.

Apparently, my parents want to get in the hand model game. Don't quit your day jobs guys. My dad tried the Sausage, Egg, and Cheese Sandwich ($8.50). For this one, they use a turkey sausage patty, which had a very good smoky flavor to it. The over medium egg and sausage is also joined by a slice of cheddar cheese and honey mustard aioli. No complaints from the big guy on this one, which is a good sign since he's a pretty picky customer.

Katie and I both got the same sandwich but made different modifications to it. Katie got her Fairfax ($13) with bacon and avocado added, hence the four dollar upcharge. She called this the perfect breakfast sandwich, with its fluffy eggs, crisp bacon, creamy avocado, and a sriracha mayo which did not overpower but had just the right amount of flavor to add. When I pressured her to come up with something she did not like about this sandwich she could not do it. Pretty high praise.

I also added bacon to my Fairfax Sandwich ($11.50). Quite simply, this sandwich was magical. I was really blown away with the lightness of the scrambled eggs, the crisp bacon, and the Sriracha mayo that came on this. I was so enamored with the way the eggs were done here that I scoured the internet when I got home to find a copycat recipe for the way they do their eggs at Eggslut. Thanks to the website Chowhound I found a good recipe here but have not tried it yet. The bun was well crafted, stayed together, and did not get in the way of the insides of the sandwich. I really found myself savoring this sandwich, eating it way slower than I usually do.

I have to admit that the hype for Eggslut is definitely warranted. This was the best breakfast sandwich I have had, and I do look forward to coming back here and eating my way through their entire menu in the very near future. Even though this is not the most convenient of restaurants, with its long lines and lack of seating, I think even my parents will be back here when they make it back to Vegas. Yes, the prices are way higher than what you'd normally pay for a breakfast sandwich, but this is Vegas and when you are on vacation you feel a little better paying a few dollars more for a higher quality product that you can't get just anywhere. This breakfast made the Ducks loss to the Knights the evening before way more palatable. 

Out of five shrimp, (because Las Vegas goes through 60,000 pounds of shrimp a day, more than the rest of the US combined), five being best to zero being worst, Eggslut gets 4 shrimp.

For more information about Eggslut, head to their website here: http://www.eggslut.com/

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