Thursday, July 20, 2017

Starting Our Day off with Wilma and Frieda

Wilma & Frieda
73575 El Paseo 
Palm Desert, CA 92260

Anniversary shenanigans continued during our desert trip celebrating my parents 50th anniversary. We had a big day planned, as we were going to visit Elvis's Honeymoon Hideaway, then I had compiled a list of stars homes that I thought my parents might like, and hopefully, we would have time for a nap before dinner.  Also on the agenda was breakfast, which was going to help us get through our day in the desert heat, which was expected to reach into the low 110's. The choice for this breakfast was easy, we made our way to Wilma and Frieda's.

Wilma and Frieda's is located in the Gardens at El Paseo, right next door to Sak's 5th Avenue. I picked this breakfast and lunch restaurant for primarily two reasons. One, they are one of the most reviewed restaurants in the Coachella Valley on Yelp, and also because they just recently appeared on Diner's Drive-Ins, and Dives within the last month. I was also pretty impressed that they have a four and a half star rating with over 1000 reviews. I had high hopes for this place.

Wilma and Frieda is named after Owner Kelly McFall's grandmothers. Kelly has over 30 years in the hospitality business and with the help of a Kickstarter campaign, she wanted to open this place to serve comfort food to the people of Palm Desert. The brunch menu is dotted with just that, plenty of breakfast staples, house specialties, salads, sandwiches, and even a burger. There's also a big selection of baked goods, which are prominently displayed up front.

I really got excited when we arrived at the nearly empty mall, but there was still a thirty-minute wait for this restaurant. It almost seemed like Wilma and Frieda was the only thing open on this rather warm morning at 11. Once Katie received the text telling us that our table was ready, we were whisked into the busy dining room, which probably had about 15 or so tables filled with hungry patrons. It definitely felt busy, but the staff was doing a great job controlling the scene. Since we were on a little bit of a tight schedule we made our selections pretty quickly. This is what we ended up with.

Since the baked goods caught my eye as we were being led to our table, I had to give their Cinnamon Roll ($5.50) a try. This was lighter than I had imagined it would be, but it did not sacrifice in the flavor department. The cream cheese frosting was one of the lightest I have ever had, while the bread underneath was pillowy soft. A little more cinnamon and butter inside the folds would have been favorable, but one delicious cinnamon roll for sure. The four of us devoured this way too fast.

My dad might have still been full from the dinner the night before because he got this rather light meal, the Tomato, Mushroom, Avocado, and Queso Fresco Omlete ($14). He loved this veggie omelet, as there was plenty of tomatoes and mushrooms stuffed inside the well-crafted egg portion of the omelet. He also went the lighter route by getting a side of fruit instead of potatoes and tried the very good house made English muffin as his breakfast bread on this late morning. A great start to his day in the desert.

The only one of the four of us to get a sandwich, my mom opted for the BLTA Sandwich ($14). This souped up BLT came on whole wheat as per my mother's wishes and was full of some of the best bacon you will ever try. The bacon here was thick cut and smoked just enough. There was so much bacon in this that my mom took some out, which I was more than happy to relieve her of. This sandwich came with fries, which were excellent with the provided ranch my mom requested.

Katie fell back in line with the breakfast vibe here at Wilma and Frieda when she selected this Chicken Sausage, Tomato, and Goat Cheese Omelet ($14). This omelet satisfied Katie greatly. It was lighter than she imagined it would be, and she loved the way the goat cheese and the chicken sausage worked off of each other. The egg portion of this omelet lacked the greasiness that can sometimes accompany this kind of dish. The hash browns were good, and she really enjoyed the very well done biscuit and fresh preserves that came out with this omelet. She left here a very happy girl.

It's been a long while since I got the best item at the table, but we all agreed that this Mark's Short Rib Eggs Benedict ($16) was the best thing to be sat down in front of us on this morning. I loved this dish, with its house made English muffin, perfectly poached egg, delicious and tender short rib, and excellent hollandaise sauce. It pained me to give everyone a bite of this as I wanted to make it last as long as possible. The hash browns were done nice and crispy and rounded this meal out wonderfully.  

Just in case we did not have enough on our plates, I also ordered Kim's Caramel Banana French Toast ($13). This plate kind of left me wanting more. It was fine, but I expected a thicker caramel sauce, and the french toast was just kind of there. I thought the drizzle of sour cream was going to be odd on this, but it ended up not even being present. After the spectacular Benedict, this was kind of a letdown.

Even with the rather lackluster finale on this early afternoon, we left Wilma and Frieda singing its praises. I can not envision myself coming back down to the desert and not coming to this fine restaurant for brunch. I can't wait to explore more of their menu soon and I have my eye on their burger, meatloaf, and the churro waffle to try next. Visiting Wilma and Frieda was a great kickoff to our day in the desert, and we actually ended up having enough time for that elusive weekend nap.

Out of five cartoons, (because of course Wilma Flinstone is an iconic cartoon character, but there's also the lesser known Frieda, who made numerous appearances in the Peanuts comic strips and TV specials), five being best to zero being worst, Wilma and Frieda gets 4 cartoons.  

For more information on Wilma and Frieda, check out the website here:

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Palm Springs Anniversary Weekend

Piero's PizzaVino
73722 El Paseo #1
Palm Desert, CA 92260

1967 was a great year, (not that I was around for it), but it was the year that the Beatles released the Sgt. Pepper's album, the first ATM was put in service in London, Evel Knievel jumped his motorcycle over 16 cars, and it was also the year that Vanilla Ice was born. Okay, they all can't be winners, but you get the point. You can also add one more great event to that list, it was also the year my parents got married.

50 years is a big deal. For awhile now I was trying to think what I could do to show my parents how much I admire their relationship and show them how grateful I am that they decided to take the plunge all those years ago, which ultimately lead to me being around. It dawned on me that they had honeymooned in Palm Springs, and as oppressive as the heat can be out in the desert in mid-June, I decided to take them out there for a weekend at a five-star resort and of course, try some of the local restaurants. After a two-hour car ride and checking into our hotel, we hightailed it to our first restaurant for the anniversary weekend, Piero's PizzaVino.

Located on famed El Paseo, Piero's has been operating since 2011, and in those six plus years they have amassed a four-star rating on Yelp, and have gotten plenty of local praise for their Italian cuisine. Owner and Italian native Piero Pierattoni, along with his wife, Sheri opened Piero's in order to bring the best and most authentic Italian pizza to the Coachella Valley. The Pierattoni's also own the more upscale Ristorante Mamma Gina, which is located right across the street from Piero's. Talk about cornering the market.

We arrived at Piero's around 7:30 on a Friday evening, and were surprised with the rather large crowd inside the restaurant, as there was not much action to speak of on El Paseo on this early summer evening. As is customary for this time of year, many businesses close for the summer, as a good amount of the population of this desert city goes back up to Canada for the warmer months and returns when it gets too cold up north.

We were seated on their enclosed patio, which was rather quite comfortable temperature wise, but a little on the noisy side. Part of the reason I picked this restaurant is that their menu is pretty diverse and has plenty of options. They offer 22 starters without even counting their eight salad selections. Predictably there are lots of pizzas to choose from, but they also feature a good amount of pasta and heartier entrees. Let's see if Piero's would be a good start to my parents anniversary weekend.

I let Katie and the anniversary couple pick the apps we would start with, and they selected the Fried Zucchini Blossoms ($11.90) and the Bruschetta ($7.90). I have to admit I was not totally on board with these selections when they made them, but I liked them well enough. The lightly fried zucchini blossoms were filled with ricotta cheese and topped with raw honey. I was afraid that texturally this was going to be awkward, but it worked out fine. I liked the sweet honey with the zucchini, while the ricotta did not overpower as much as I thought, and was nice and creamy. The bruschetta here was not overly loaded with tomatoes, and they were placed under the mozzarella cheese, which is different than most versions we've had. There was also plenty of garlic and basil to keep things interesting. This is definitely a bruschetta for people like me that are not huge tomato lovers, as it was more like a garlic cheese bread with a few tomatoes thrown in.

Katie and I must have been very hungry because along with the starters that we had, we also got these salads. The Small Mixed Salad ($6) is not listed on their menu, but it really brightened up the table when it made its appearance.  This eye popping salad came with a boatload of fresh greens, red onion, tomato, cucumber, and her choice of ranch dressing. A very generous size for a small dinner salad. I went with my usual, the PizzaVino Small Caesar ($8.90). I love Caesars, and this was an excellent version. It was dressed with plenty of dressing, which is very important to me. The romaine was fresh, and there was plenty of big squares of parmesan cheese included on this. Sure there were no croutons, but the addition of the anchovy was a nice touch, which you don't see too often anymore. Two pretty impressive salads.

As we were having our salads, my dad asked for some bread, and this little ensemble came out for us. The bread came wrapped in parchment paper, which I thought was a little over the top, but still nice. The bread was solid, and it came served with two oil based dipping sauces. One was a garlic version and the other, which I preferred was a spicy pepper. You have to ask for this, but you'll be glad you did when it gets to the table.

Even though Piero's is known for their pizza, only Katie got one on this evening. It was a tough choice but she went with the Pollo Pizza on this night. This white sauced pizza came topped with chicken, spinach, artichoke hearts, caramelized onions, garlic, mozzarella, and Romano cheese. Katie loved the way all of these ingredients worked together, and she was surprised that this pizza was so light. She compared it favorably to one that she had at Pizzeria Mozza earlier this year. She'd definitely get this again.

My mom is not a big eater, so she opted for this small Chicken Salad ($9.90), which really wasn't very small, even to me. Whenever I see fruit in a salad, I know it has piqued my mom's interest, and she ended up loving this salad which included sliced apples, baby lettuce, grilled chicken, caramelized walnuts, gorgonzola cheese, and it was finished with an apple cider vinaigrette. She did manage to eat most of this and loved it, even though she ate around the gorgonzola, which she forgot to ask to have left out of this. Along with the flavors, this had tons of great textures included. The crunchy apples and walnuts, along with the tender chicken and creamy gorgonzola made this an interesting salad for her taste buds all the way through.

There was a time when my dad and I would almost always get the same thing in a restaurant, but as he's aged, he's become a lighter eater. This was evident when he selected this Shrimp Entree ($23.50) on this evening. Not that I have anything against this dish, but I like something a little heavier, which you will see in a moment. The shrimp that came out with this was bathed in a white wine, herbs, and garlic sauce which added a nice flavor to these six shrimp. This also came with some roasted potatoes and asparagus that were simply done.

As I stated earlier, a heartier meal would be in my future on this night. This Lasagna Bolognese ($19.90) was delicious. I believe this was the first time I ever had a Bolognese lasagna, and I can say that I'm hooked. Instead of the usual ricotta and mozzarella version of lasagna you can get everywhere, this one uses a meaty bolognese sauce, along with a delicious bechamel sauce, and to top it off are two fennel sausages. With all of this meaty goodness, I did not even miss the cheese. I loved how the bechamel and the Bolognese interacted with each other, and the fennel sausage was an added bonus. One of the better lasagnas I have had in recent memory. Now I have to be on the lookout for a version of this back home in OC.

Dessert time, and since I had told Piero's it was my parents anniversary when I made the reservation, we got two sweet endings to our meal on this evening. My parents love Creme Brulee ($7.90) so of course, we had to give Piero's version a try. It had a great crystallized crust on top, and the inside had a sweet and smooth custard base. It was good, but kind of like all the other creme brulees we have had out there. The Spumoni Cassata ($7.50) was not like what we were expecting. My only run in with spumoni is the little silver dish of it that you get for dessert at the Spaghetti Factory. This was not like that at all. This was more like a layered ice cream cake, with the first and most prominent flavor being lemon, and then there was a small ribbon of chocolate and a bigger base of vanilla with nuts and fruit inside of it.  It was okay, but I'm not much of a lemon guy, but I appreciated the cooling effect this had since it was still quite warm outside.

Even though the desserts at Piero's were just okay, this was a great first meal for my parents 50th anniversary weekend. A month later and I still look back fondly on my lasagna, and everything else we had on this evening was pretty much above average. I thought the price point for this restaurant was pretty low considering this was on El Paseo and the meals in this part of town can get rather pricey. The service on this evening was fine, and we had no complaints. Piero's was a great kickoff for what we hoped would be a fantastic weekend of food, fun, and celebrating my fabulous parents.

Out of five golf tees, (because Palm Desert is home to over 30 golf courses, and one can assume that golfers go through plenty of tees in this desert city), five being best to zero being worst, Piero's PizzaVino gets 3.5 golf tees.

For more information about Piero's PizzaVino, head to their website here:

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Move over Mom, Dad's in the Kitchen

Dad's Kitchen
2968 Freeport Blvd. 
Sacramento, CA 95818

After witnessing our friends Angel and Rebekah's wedding the night before, we had a little time to sleep off the effects of the rum and cokes from the reception by sleeping in until our checkout time. We also had about an hour and a half window before our 3 pm flight out of Sacramento, so of course, that meant we had time to cross another restaurant off of my list for this weekend. We headed to Dad's Kitchen in the Land Park section of Sacramento.

Since we had such good luck with the last Diner's, Drive-In's and Dives spot we tried on this trip, we decided to tempt fate and give this restaurant that Guy Fieri ate at six years ago a try. Dad's has been around for nine years now, and from what I have been able to ascertain that is a record for this building, which had seen its fair share of restaurants go out of business in this small, cramped strip mall which is also home to a pizza place and is right next door to what we hear is a really good bakery, Freeport Bakery.

Since there are only ten parking spots in this shopping plaza, we had to find a spot behind the restaurant, but there are some nice houses nearby, so it made for an excellent short stroll to the front door of Dad's. Once inside, you'll notice some old school pinball machines to your left, which I imagine would be a great diversion if there's a wait for a table during your stay. We, fortunately, had no wait and got a table right away in the smaller than imagined main dining area. The larger patio is just past the dining room and has fans and heaters for their customer's comfort.

We were at Dad's on a Sunday, so we ordered off of the brunch menu, which is offered from 9 to 2 pm only on Sundays. The menu features a good assortment of breakfast items, but there are also some burger and sandwich options for people that are not feeling the breakfast vibe. We quickly made our choices and waited for our food to arrive, which it did in a very timely manner.

I guess Katie was feeling the breakfast vibe because she got this Mom's Omelette ($11.50). This veggie focused omelet included three eggs, spinach, mushrooms, and tomatoes, and was blanketed with plenty of jack cheese. She devoured this omelet and was pretty impressed with how fresh all the veggies were inside of this. She did not feel it was extremely heavy either. She loved the biscuit that came with this, but the home fries were extremely overcooked to the point that they could have been called burnt. Even with the potato snafu, Katie liked her meal and would be encouraged to try more off of the Dad's menu.

I already knew what I was going to have before even walking in the door of Dad's because I had seen this burger on Triple D. What you have here is the Dad's Burger ($14 plus $3.50 for the upcharge of getting onion rings).  This burger patty was encrusted with plenty of bacon and the blue cheese crumbles were inside the burger. This was a delicious burger, and worthy of all the praise it receives. The burger patty was full of flavor and cooked to a very tender medium, the bun was soft and pliable, and what bound this burger all together for me was the very well done Aleppo chili spread that came with it. It added a  touch of heat and the sauce kind of helped cut the blue cheese and bacon, which can sometimes overpower. Very balanced flavors here. The onion rings are fantastic at Dad's. They are heavily battered, but there's also a big onion in there, so they work. They are topped with parmesan cheese and a balsamic reduction which I thought was odd until I tried them. To push these rings over the top they came with a roasted red pepper aioli, which I could not get enough of, and even used it on my burger as well. A three and a half dollar upcharge for three onion rings might seem excessive, but you won't be sorry once you try them.

Dad's Kitchen really sent us off to the airport with full stomachs and a satisfying meal. The food was excellent and if we lived closer, this restaurant would be in our heavy rotation of places we hit up frequently. Not an overly huge menu, but I'd like to try their meatloaf, Cuban sandwich, and the interesting sounding buttermilk fried artichokes if we make it up this way again in the near future. Our service on this early afternoon was solid, and our server Brittany did a wonderful job keeping tabs on us throughout our stay. I really enjoyed the quirky atmosphere here, with the old school advertising all over the walls, and the sense that they don't take themselves too seriously. I guess Guy Fieri was two for two on our trip up north and has kind of redeemed himself for some of the clunker restaurants we have visited that were on his show.

Out of five panthers, (because this restaurant is a stone throw away from Sacramento City College, and their mascot is the panther), five being best to zero being worst, Dad's Kitchen gets 3.5 panthers.

For more information about Dad's Kitchen, head to their website here:

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Exploring All of Avenue Grill

Avenue Grill
506 West Lodi Ave.
Lodi, CA 95240

A whole day in Lodi with nothing to do until we had to go to Angel and Rebekah's wedding at 5 pm. Not being wine drinkers, we were kind of at a loss for what to do here, so we slept in until 11, and waited for our friend Joe to fly in from OC on this lazy Saturday morning. I did a quick search of local breakfast restaurants and one that looked promising was Avenue Grill. We made plans to meet Joe there at noon.

Avenue Grill has been around since 1988, which is an eternity in the restaurant business. Located at the corner of Lodi Avene and Hutchins Street, they share the shopping center with a Rite-Aid and an S-Mart. Only open from 6 to 2 pm on most days, Avenue Grill has been feeding multiple generations of Lodians over the years, and the restaurant has a very respectable 4 and a half stars with over 200 reviews on Yelp.

We got here just before noon to get a table while we waited for Joe to arrive. We had about a five-minute wait, as a big group exited the covered patio which is located on the side of the restaurant. The inside of Avenue Grill was still packed with customers enjoying their late breakfasts. I was fine getting a table out on the patio, as this early June afternoon had yet to grow obsessively hot like in the later summer months. It also appeared from our vantage point that the inside portion of Avenue Grill appeared to be very cramped and noisy. Joe finally moseyed in, and we quickly made our selections. Let's see how this breakfast in Lodi worked out for us.

Since Joe had gotten a little something at John Wayne in the morning, he decided to get something off of the lunch portion of the menu here and went with this BLT ($7.75). This looked like a pretty basic BLT to me, but no complaints from our good friend Joe. He substituted the sourdough this sandwich was supposed to come on with the much healthier option of wheat bread. Very proud of you Joe, and we won't shatter that illusion by mentioning the champange you also had with this. Your secret is safe with us. Oh wait, guess it's not.

I was pretty impressed when Katie's breakfast hit the table. This Breakfast Quesadilla ($10.99) was massive and had almost every color of the rainbow included inside of it. Included within the folds of this crisped flour tortilla was plenty of ham, along with salsa, onions, bell peppers, potatoes, and plenty of cheese. Sour cream and even more salsa were served on the side. Katie was overwhelmed with the size of this quesadilla, but she gave it a gallant effort.  She liked the crispness of the tortilla and felt this was a little lighter than a breakfast burrito because it was easier to eat around this tortilla. She'd totally get this again.

I also got an egg dish, but mine was not as photogenic as Katie's. This Potato Platter ($12.99) had all sorts of breakfast items crammed onto this plate. Underneath the two sunny side up eggs were a mound of country style potatoes with bacon, ham, onion, bell pepper, and melted cheese added. This was a very satisfying and hearty breakfast, but the eggs were way overcooked, and they lacked the runny yolk which would have made this dish a bigger winner. The potatoes were nice and crisp, and the veggies were done nicely. A real stick to your ribs breakfast plate.

For breakfast, I always like to combine sweet and savory, and that was what I did by getting these Two Blueberry Pancakes ($8.50) at Avenue Grill. The picture above does not show it, but these pancakes were filled with plenty of fresh blueberries. Not exactly the lightest pancakes we have had, but they were better than average, really filling, and the blueberry flavor was very prevalent.

After eating at Avenue Grill a nap was definitely in order, but we had a few other errands to run before getting ready to watch Angel and Rebekah stroll down the aisle into wedded bliss. Avenue Grill was a great start to our day, and it's easy to see why they are rated as one of the best breakfast spots in Lodi. I also spied one of their burgers on a nearby table, and that looked fantastic as well. Service was solid during our visit on this Saturday afternoon. Our server took great care of us during our stay, made sure we had drinks at all times and kept our meal moving along in a timely manner. If you find yourself in Lodi with nothing to do for a time, Avenue Grill might be an option for you.

Out of five frosty mugs, (because I learned while writing this review that A & W Rootbeer was invented right here in Lodi in 1919), five being best to zero being worst, Avenue Grill gets 3 frosty mugs.

Avenue Grill does not have a website, but you can find out information about them on their Yelp page, which you can visit here:

Friday, July 7, 2017

Prime Rib Is the Star on This Broadway

Jamie's Broadway Grille
427 Broadway
Sacramento, CA 95818

It has been over 35 years since I last visited Sacramento. I can remember that trip with my parents vividly because it was on that family vacation that I started collecting baseball cards. I was crazy for them. Every store, gas station, mall, antique shop, tourist attraction, or anywhere I thought they would sell them, I would look for them and buy them if they were there. Fast forward to the present and I have long since stashed all of my baseball cards in the back of my closet, and now when I travel instead of looking for cards with a stale piece of gum, I look for restaurants to eat at.

Up in Northern California for a wedding, we got out of the airport around 6 pm and made our way to one of the restaurants on my list for this weekend, Jamie's Broadway Grille. I had seen this place on Diner's, Drive-In's, and Dives and decided this would definitely be our first stop for dinner. Jamie's was situated just south of the downtown area, near the 5 and 80 interchange, in what I'd describe as an industrial area. In fact, the building that now houses Jamie's used to be an auto garage many years ago.

Since 1986 this has been the location of Jamie's Broadway Grille, that's when proprietor Jamie Bunnell bought the place but kept it pretty much the same from its other incarnations as other restaurants. Wooden floors, a busy bar packed with regulars, a partially separated dining room with assorted big game and beer advertising mounted on the walls all contribute to the neighborhood feel of this restaurant.

Aside from the Triple D episode that brought national acclaim, Jamie's also has been spotlighted in numerous newspaper articles praising everything from their clam chowder, burgers, sandwiches, and steaks. Unfortunately, after 31 years as business owner, Jamie Bunnell passed away two months ago, but we were happy when we entered Jamie's on a recent Friday evening and found out that his legacy lives on, as the bar and dining area was packed during our stay. I was excited to dig in, so let's see if this would be a great opening act for our weekend up north.

Katie started things off for us with the House Salad ($5.95). This salad was pretty good sized and came in a chipped wooden bowl, (yes, this restaurant is no frills). The salad came with plenty of greens, mushrooms, cucumber, green onion, and cherry tomatoes. They make all of their dressings on the premises, and the ranch that Katie got on this was excellent. She felt this was a very fresh and satisfying salad. I had almost forgotten to order the Cup of Clam Chowder ($4.95) that I was so eager to try before coming here, but I flagged down our server and rectified the situation. I immediately regretted not getting the bowl for an extra dollar, because this was a very good version of one of my favorite soups. There were plenty of big pieces of clams in here and the creaminess of this was spot on. I liked that it was not overly filled with potatoes and other veggies. It's easy to see why they go through gallons of this chowder in a week.

Even in the best of marriages, there is sometimes some disagreement. That was the case in this love triangle between Katie and I and this Garlic Steak Sandwich ($8.50 for the half order). She was not in love with it at all. She felt it was light on the garlic, and did not appreciate the toughness of the steak. I, on the other hand, thought it was superb. I could taste the garlic from the roll, I thought the steak was tender and done nicely, and what put this over the top for me was the homemade mayo that was served on the side of this sandwich. I'm a mayo freak, and this was an excellent version. The fries were also solid, crunchy on the outside and the potato inside was creamy. I guess we can agree to disagree on this sandwich.

Hands down the best Prime Rib ($31.95) I have had. It's not on the regular menu, so I'm not sure how often they have it, but if it's available, order it. What set this prime rib apart for me is the fact that they smoke it for six hours over walnut and almond woods. Sometimes the center part of prime rib can be a little on the bland and dry side, but this was flavorful and moist throughout. The outer crust was incredible, and the horseradish-sour cream sauce was a great accompaniment. This came with some potatoes and vegetables, but for the most part, I ignored these to focus on this big slab of beef.

Driving to our motel after eating here, Katie caught me smiling, as I was thinking back on our visit to Jamie's Broadway Grille. I couldn't help but smile after that delicious prime rib. I have had some hit and miss restaurant experiences with some of the Diners, Drive-In's and Dive restaurants I have been to. This was definitely a hit. For those of you reading this in OC, this place reminds me of a way better version of Steer Inn in Orange and Anaheim Hills. A loud rambunctious dining room, and run by a competent and professional staff, we were just off the airplane a mere hour ago, and we were made to feel like a member of their family. Finding Jamie's Broadway Grille brought back to mind the same euphoric feeling I had when I was ten years old and stumbled upon those elusive baseball cards.

Out of five train whistles, (because when I was in Sacramento as a kid we visited the California State Railroad Museum, and one of the souvenirs that I got was a wooden train whistle, which I still have somewhere), five being best to zero being worst, Jamie's Broadway Grille gets 4 train whistles.

For more information about Jamie's Broadway Grille, head to their website here: