Thursday, December 26, 2013

Hoping That El Sol Will Shine

El Sol Mexican Restaurant
1112 W. 6th Street
Corona, CA 92882

It had been awhile since we had made plans with Sabrina and Anthony on their home turf of Corona. We needed to distance ourselves a little from Sabrina's constant chirping about everything under the sun. Man that girl can talk. Poor Anthony, he must have some good ear plugs, or he just tunes her out. Anyways, another trip out to Corona means I get to select another restaurant for the four of us to go to.

I've introduced Sabrina and Anthony to some pretty good places right in their neighborhood, and this time I came armed with three choices. Two of them were Mexican places, and another was a restaurant and bar that I have been looking forward to trying out. True to form, they went with a Mexican restaurant that is right down the street from their house, but they have never been to it. Sabrina and Anthony usually head to Miguel's for Mexican food, a restaurant that I have never really been too excited about on my visits.

El Sol has been around for close to year and a half now. They are located in the same shopping center as Superior Market and Ace Hardware. Not a big place, they have maybe ten tables or so, but ordering is done from a waitress. The wallpaper is red, and reminiscent of the wallpaper at Farrell's Ice Cream Parlor, it could be the same exact one. The menu here is pretty standard for a Mexican restaurant in Southern California. They feature combo plates, enchiladas, and fajitas. We settled in, put in our order, and waited for the food to come out. Let's see if El Sol will be able to become Sabrina and Anthony's favorite neighborhood Mexican restaurant.

As is the tradition when eating in a Mexican restaurant, we were given a basket of Chips and Salsa to start with. The chips here are pretty standard. Nothing too fantastic. The salsa was a little on the runny side, but I did like the chunks of onion in this. Not spicy, but it had some decent flavor.

When we go out with Sabrina and Anthony, we almost always get way too much food, and that was the case here at El Sol. We started with their largest appetizer, the Fiesta Del Sol ($11.35). This large plate came with taquitos, crispy chips with beans, buffalo wings, cheese quesadillas, guacamole, and sour cream. It was nice that there was four of each item here, to help prevent Sabrina from hogging all of the buffalo wings. All of these items were pretty good. The taquitos were fried nicely, and you could actually taste the shredded beef inside. The quesadillas were not greasy, and tasty when paired with the smooth guacamole. Probably the most average thing on the plate was the buffalo wings. They were hot temperature wise, but flavor wise they were a little on the bland side. They also did not have a lot of meat on them. Not a bad appetizer platter to start with.

Sabrina called these, "some of the best enchiladas I have ever had". Wow, such an over the top statement. I tend to believe her, as she is usually pretty picky when it comes to trying new restaurants. What got her so excited? The Enchiladas Del Sol ($10.95). These green enchiladas came filled with tender chicken, and were covered with a very flavorful green sauce. Sabrina felt that the green sauce is what made these enchiladas so great. They also came with rice and beans, which she ate sparingly. I did not get to try these enchiladas, because Sabrina is notoriously stingy about giving bites away of her food.

A good majority of the time, Katie will almost always order fajitas in a Mexican restaurant, and at El Sol, she was true to form. The Fajitas De Pollo ($10.95) was a pretty traditional style fajitas. They came out of the kitchen on a cast iron plate, with all of the sizzling and steam you would expect when ordering fajitas. Katie used her standard line when describing almost any plate, "these were flavorful, and very fresh". I tried a few bites of chicken, and it was pretty tender, the veggies were not overly abundant here, and the portion size for this was more than generous.

Lately when we have gone out with Sabrina and Anthony, both Anthony and I get the same thing, which helps me cut down on my writing, which I am sure that you all appreciate. This time we both got Combo #4, which includes; a chile relleno, a tamale, a crispy taco, and a soft taco. Both Anthony and I liked this plate. The tamale was pretty solid, and not as dry as some tend to be. The tacos were not stuffed with meat, but both were okay. I am not much of a chile relleno guy, but this one had a good heat to it, and the cheese did not overpower here. This plate was good, but we both agreed that it lacked the wow factor. The beans were a lot better than the rice, which kind of were plain tasting.

I'm not sure how it came up on the car ride over, but both Katie and I were shocked to find out that neither Sabrina or Anthony had ever had Fried Ice Cream ($3.95) before. This version at El Sol was like every other version we have had. A large scoop of ice cream rolled around in corn flakes, then deep fried. I did like the presentation here. The cinnamon coated tortilla strips and the chocolate drizzle were an added bonus. It was great being here when Sabrina and Anthony came into their own by having fried ice cream. Very proud of these kids.

I was a little less enthusiastic about El Sol than the rest of my dining companions. I thought everything was good, but nothing really blew me away here. In contrast, hard to please Sabrina was over the moon with her enchiladas, and Katie liked her fajitas enough to call them excellent. So maybe I am just a hard to please food blogger, who has eaten in a lot of restaurants in the past four years. I thought that the prices were on the fair side, as nothing on their menu approached the fifteen dollar mark. The service was excellent during our visit. The waitress came over to check on us numerous times. I will leave you with this. If you are in the area, and feel like Mexican food, give this place a try. Glad I could add another restaurant to Sabrina and Anthony's repertoire.

Out of five buses, (because there is a bus line that serves East LA, which is called El Sol), five being best to zero being worst, El Sol Mexican Restaurant gets 3 buses.

El Sol Mexican Restaurant does not have a website, but you can find out information about them on their Facebook page, here:

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