Sunday, December 8, 2013

Football Frenzy #13 at Signature Sports Bar

Signature Sports Bar
30100 Town Center Dr. 
Laguna Niguel, CA 92677

So it seems like all I have to do is continue my quest for the best place to watch football on Sunday mornings, and my team starts winning games. I guess I should have done this in September, to save myself some grief. Yes it is true, my favorite NFL team, the Jaguars are on a bit of a winning streak. Four out of the last five weeks they have won, and although the playoffs are out of reach, they are no longer the laughingstock of football. That honor now goes to the Houston Texans, losers of eleven in a row, and the owners of the leagues worst record as of this writing. Enough football talk, lets get to what we thought of Signature Sports Bar.

For sharp eyed readers of this blog, this place might seem familiar. We visited here three years ago when this was the location of Draft Choice Sports Grill. South OC is definitely not known for their sports bars, so when we had heard that Draft Choice had closed, we were a little sad, only because it took away an option, in an already depleted area when it comes to finding places to watch football on Sunday mornings. The food at Draft Choice was pretty average, but we liked the service and atmosphere enough to come back a few other times. Now under new ownership, we were excited to see what Signature Sports Bar had in store for us.

We got to the bar, which is located in a pretty sleepy little strip mall, just off of Crown Valley Parkway, just before the 10 AM kickoff. The space is bigger than it appears from the outside. We found a table pretty quickly and settled in. The appearance of Signature Sports Bar is much brighter with their decor. It's not as dark as it was when this was Draft Choice. It also appears cleaner too. They have TVs on every wall, many are plasma, and no matter where you sit, you will be able to see the game you want. The crowd was pretty diverse on this particular Sunday morning. All ages were represented, from kids to seniors, many wearing the jerseys of their favorite teams. With such a large crowd, it only got noisy in spurts, but for the most part people were quietly watching their games. Let's see what came out of the kitchen for us.

Let's start off with Katie's selection for breakfast, the Breakfast Sandwich ($5.99). As you can probably tell from the pictures, this was a pretty average breakfast. The hash browns were way too underdone, and were really plain tasting. The breakfast sandwich was good, but nothing really made it remarkable. The bacon was crisp, the egg slightly overcooked and the cheddar cheese was plentiful. Definitely better than an Egg McMuffin, but that's not saying much.

My friend Riley was with us at Signature Sports Bar to support his Jets, and decided to try their Buttermilk Pancakes ($4.99) and a Side of Bacon ($2.00). Again he thought the pancakes were pretty average, as he compared them to the ones he has had after a big night of drinking, when he tries to sober up at Denny's. The bacon was pretty straight forward, and was cooked crisp.

I probably got the item that was the most liked here, the Breakfast Burrito ($7.99 with avocado added.). This burrito came with my choice of breakfast meats, so I naturally chose bacon. Joining the bacon in this flour tortilla was scrambled eggs, and a  blend of cheeses, with salsa on the side. I thought this was a pretty good sized burrito, as it stretched nearly across the plate. The three eggs in here were pretty buttery, while cheese and avocado added some smoothness. The bacon kind of got lost here, as there was not nearly enough. I also thought that this burrito was missing some potato, which would have made it even better. The salsa served on the side with this is made here, but needed a little more spice.

As you can probably guess Signature Sports Bar will not be crowned our ultimate sports bar to watch football. The food was just way too average. Nothing we had was horrible, but it was nothing we were that excited about. Maybe their lunch and dinner items are better, but Jacksonville does not have any afternoon games the rest of this season, so that visit will have to wait until next year. We did enjoy the setup here, and with so few choices for watching football in South OC, we will probably be back at some point. The prices were pretty fair, and I did not mention it, but the beer and cocktails were pretty reasonable as well. A pint of Shock Top goes for $3.95, while the pint of Coors goes for the same. Get the Shock Top for sure. If the Jaguars keep winning like this, we will definitely have more to drink to.

Out of five theaters, (because the most expensive signature in the world is the six remaining of playwright William Shakespeare, which are estimated to be worth a staggering $5 Million each), five being best to zero being worst, Signature Sports Bar gets 2.5 theaters.

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