Thursday, May 10, 2012

Blazing On to the Burnt Truck

The Burnt Truck
Food Truck
Irvine, CA 

Fresh off of our first food truck review, we were ready to tackle another one right away. Our first food truck review of Soho Taco resulted in a very positive experience. On this particular Friday night, in an apartment complex near the Spectrum in Irvine, Soho Taco's partner in crime was the Burnt Truck.

The nice thing about food trucks is they seem to travel in clusters, or as in the case this night, in pairs. Very easy to do reviews of numerous trucks all in one night. I had heard of the Burnt Truck before, but did not know what their specialty was until we got in line and read their menu. It's sliders, but not just your basic, everyday sliders that you can get at any old sports bar. These sliders have a little twist to them.

The Burnt Truck must have quite a following. During our visit, they consistently had a large number of people in line for their gourmet sliders. Their menu was very easy to read off of the two video screens near the ordering window. On this night they offered nine different sliders and specials. We had already eaten at Soho Taco, so we ordered four items to split. This is how it came out for us.

So the Burnt Truck is known for sliders, so of course the first thing I show you is not a slider. Don't worry, we will get to those in a minute. These are the Sloppy Tots. One of the Burnt Truck's staple side items is the tater tot, and this is their special version of that side item.  Here the tater tots are topped with Sloppy Joe meat, pepperchini's and a mellow cheese sauce. This combination really worked well together. It all starts with a crispy tater tot and is helped along by the subdued cheese sauce and simple Sloppy Joe mixture. The pepperchini gives this a nice little finishing kick. I liked this side item a little more than Katie.

See, I was not lying about getting to the sliders. The first of our three was the Cheeseburger Slider. This slider was made of Angus beef, American cheese, grilled onions, avocado spread, and for a little extra something we added a quail egg for an additional charge. This was my first time having a quail egg, and it was really good on this slider. Not much different from a regular egg, just smaller. I have been all about sunny side up eggs on burgers lately. If you have not had a burger this way, do yourself a favor and try it. The burger patty was seasoned well, but the avocado spread got a little lost for us. It was not very prominent.

This odd looking slider is the Crispy Pork Belly Slider. Being a bacon lover, anytime I see pork belly on a menu I order it. This was delicious. The pork belly is joined with a hoison sauce and green onions. The hoison sauce was not as over powering as others we have had, which is good because it lets the pork be the star of this show. The buns here are also worth mentioning. They are Hawaiian rolls, which were very fresh and made everything taste better. I would definitely get this slider again, but I would get my own and not split it with anyone, sorry Katie.

This slider made me nostalgic for KFC's Chicken Little's. I could eat about ten of those when the Colonel used to sell them. This Fried Chicken Slider at Burnt Truck was of course better than the ones at KFC. Here they had tender fried chicken with a garlic potato spread, and a country gravy. Stick to your ribs kind of food. Did not detect a lot of garlic, but the gravy was spot on, good flavor, and thick. It covered everything well.

We really liked everything we got at the Burnt Truck. These guys can definitely cook. The little twists that they sneak into their sliders are greatly appreciated. Katie and I split everything we ate here, but I definitely could have eaten it all myself. Like most trucks their menu does change with what they have on hand, but some items never leave their rotation. Sliders are $2.50 each, and $3.00 for the pork belly. Kind of a little on the high side, but way better than that $2.50 burger you can get at your local fast food joint. We can now say that we are two for two on hitting the right food trucks.

Out of five Dalmatians, (because if I had a burnt truck I would want the fireman to come right away, and they might bring their Dalmatian. Okay, I know that is kind of lame, but I could not think of anything else), five being best to zero being worst, the Burnt Truck gets 3 Dalmatians.

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