Thursday, March 15, 2012

Zipping Down to Zip Fusion

Zip Fusion
2560 Tuscany St. Ste 102
Corona, CA 92881

In the last year I have become more accustomed to having sushi. It has been a tough lesson to learn, but I have learned that quality will always trump quantity. So it was with some trepidation that I went to Zip Fusion to try their all you can eat sushi deal. I was prepared for a Hometown Buffet-like experience, where everything is sub par. My Aunt, Uncle and Cousins are really into this place, so I was hoping for the best.

Zip Fusion comes to us from Jason Ha. This young Korean went with the name Zip because it means home in Korean. A lot of people must think of this place as home, because there are now three other Zip Fusion Restaurants, not including this one. The others are located in San Diego, Mira Loma, and Downtown LA.

We arrived at Zip Fusion at 6 on a Saturday, and I was surprised that we did not have to wait for a table. The restaurant is really larger than it appears from the outside, and it is all spread out. When they say fusion they really mean it.  In the back they have teppan tables, (think Benihana style eating), the sushi bar is located near the front of the restaurant, and there are plenty of booths, as well as a large patio for when the weather gets a little warmer.

At Zip Fusion you can order items singularly off of the menu, or they also have an all you can eat menu that is not publicized on their web site. Not sure if they are trying to keep this a secret, but I am here to let the cat out of the bag. This was the option that four of us in our party took.

Here is a quick shot of the AYCE menu. I really liked the variety offered here. 23 different rolls, 12 kinds of sushi, and 15 appetizers. Some of the restrictions they speak of are; no sharing, no to go containers, and you must eat what you order.

The four of us each ordered one item from each section of the menu to start. Some of the standouts for me in this round were the Las Vegas Roll, (avocado, crab meat, three kinds of fish and cream cheese), the Spicy Tuna Roll, and the Pork Gyoza. I ordered the Oyster Shooter because of the novelty of it. It was not bad, but I limited myself to one of these. The Spicy Edamame was basic, but good.

The next four appetizers for round two were all pretty solid. The best of the bunch by a long shot was the Baked Mussels. Jenny and I ordered this numerous times throughout our stay at Zip Fusion. They had multiple layers of flavor in each bite. The Fried Calamari was lightly battered and served with a fine sauce, but the calamari kind of got lost here. The Teriyaki Chicken with Rice was a pretty generous portion for an appetizer. The Crab Cream Cheese Wonton's were okay, but I am not too much of a cream cheese fan, and the cheese really overwhelmed the taste of the crab.

When I saw there was a limit of one Baked Lobster on the menu, I had to take advantage of it. This plate was very rich and had a great lobster taste. Probably the worst two things of the night were the Rainbow Roll, and the Crab Sushi. The crab was stringy and not very good. It almost tasted like imitation crab. The rainbow roll sounded good with assorted fish and avocado placed on top of a California roll, but this roll could not deliver great taste.

Chris and Jerry are not into sushi, so they ordered off of the traditional menu at Zip Fusion. Chris started with the Miso Soup, which he called, "good". Very descriptive Chris! The Shrimp and Vegetable Tempura was his choice for dinner. There were no complaints from him with this straight forward plate.

As you can see from this picture, Jerry's dinner, the Bulgoki Special Bowl, came out steaming hot. This bowl consisted of marinated beef and assorted veggies. This is the meal that Jerry gets almost every time he comes here. His old standby. He really enjoys the, "hot air", that comes off of this. Sorry, inside joke there.

The food at Zip Fusion was not all hits. There were some misses among the menu here. I am not going to tell you this is the best, freshest sushi you will ever have, but it was still above average in my limited sushi opinion. For the money I felt this was a great value. The all you can eat dinner is $23.95, and I can guarantee you will not leave hungry. Our waitress was really on top of things during our visit. Glasses were full and our orders were taken promptly. She even seemed genuinely upset when we announced that we were all done with the all you can eat meal. We told her we will be back though.

Out of five pieces of mail, (because all pieces of mail include a Zip code), five being best to zero being worst, Zip Fusion gets 3 pieces of mail.

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  1. I've tried a few different dishes on there menu. They were all great! Service has always been good. Not the best, but GREAT!

  2. Anonymous - I can tell that you really enjoy this place. It was good the day we were here, and we look forward to going back.Thanks for the comment!