Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Dining With Royalty at the Earl Of Sandwich

Earl of Sandwich
3667 South Las Vegas Blvd.
Las Vegas, NV 89109

This may seem like an odd stop on our food tour of Las Vegas, but there is a reason for it. We are getting our very own Earl of Sandwich in OC. It is going to be at Downtown Disney in Anaheim. So I really wanted to preview it before we got our own at home. I also was a little tired of walking, and this was about halfway from where we started our walk this morning to our hotel, so it seemed like a great place to stop and have a light lunch before our afternoon nap.

Now for the mandatory history lesson. In 1762 John Montagu, the 4th Earl of Sandwich, and commander of the British navy, invented the sandwich by sliding some meat in between two pieces of bread. Thus the sandwich was born. Something more mobile than the food of the day. Flash forward to present times, and the 11th Earl of Sandwich is still involved with sandwiches and a namesake restaurant, Earl of Sandwich.

Earl of Sandwich is not the type of restaurant that you would expect some British royal to be involved with, unless his title happens to be Earl of Sandwich. Then of course it makes sense. There are now 18 of these casual sandwich shops, with more on the way. This Vegas location is located in the mall area of Planet Hollywood, just outside the casino.

The menu at Earl of Sandwich is not going to blow you away their variety. They feature 12 hot signature sandwiches, assorted salads, wraps, soup, and desserts. Ordering is done at a counter and then you are given a pager to let you know when your food is ready. It took no more than five minutes for the sandwiches to hit our table. This is how it all came out.

Sandwiches are wrapped in gold foil and presented like gold bricks. We will start with Katie's sandwich selection, the Full Montagu. This sandwich consisted of roast beef, turkey, Swiss and sharp cheddar cheeses, tomato, lettuce, and the earl's mustard sauce. Katie felt that the bread was like Schlotzsky's Deli. I thought it was more like a ciabatta type bread. Katie enjoyed the thin sliced cheese, the fresh ingredients, and the mustard sauce on this sandwich.

I went with the Original 1762 Sandwich. This basic sandwich came with roast beef, sharp cheddar, and a creamy horseradish sauce. This sandwich was much mellower than the ingredients in it would suggest. The sharp cheese was not prevalent here. There needed to be more horseradish sauce on this as well. The roast beef is made in house, and it was tender, with a mild flavor. The bread held the contents of the sandwich well, and this was a hearty sandwich.

The item that stands out the most at the Earl is this Peanut Butter Brownie. Most of the time you see packaged baked goods at a sandwich shop they have been sitting there for who knows how long. This was not the case here. The brownie was baked perfectly. Not too doughy, with a slight crunch to the outer edges. The peanut butter sandwiched between the split brownie was the real thing, and it was plentiful. This dessert made it worth coming here for sure.

Now I know what we are in for when the Earl of Sandwich comes to Downtown Disney later this summer. The sandwiches were good, not great. I do not crave them like a crave that peanut butter brownie. The sandwiches are pretty solid though. I look forward to trying one of their sandwiches that features bacon the next time I come here. The prices were a steal in this neck of the woods at $6 per sandwich. I hear that they can have long lines at times, but that was not the case when we were here at 2 on a Monday afternoon. See you in summer Earl, just make sure to have some peanut butter brownies with you!

Out of five decks of cards, (because it is said that the 4th Earl of Sandwich was a big card player/gambler, and he did not have time for meals during games, so he was brought sandwiches), five being best to zero being worst, Earl of Sandwich gets 3 decks of cards.

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