Saturday, March 24, 2012

Cruising Down Route 66 to Twisters

Twisters 50's Soda Fountain
417 E. Route 66
Williams, AZ

The drive from Vegas to the Grand Canyon is a long one. It always looks so much shorter when you look at the distance on a map. Anyways, we made it to Williams at about 1pm on a Wednesday. On the way to this small town, which is at the start of the road to the Grand Canyon, we needed to stop and stretch our legs. It was also a good time to get something in our stomachs for the final hour that we had to drive before we reached the canyon.

Before leaving for our trip I had written Twisters 50's Soda Fountain down as a possible lunch location for us. Twisters is located right on Route 66, the main drag of this tiny tourist town. Twisters really has the roadside diner vibe down to an art. They have the old car stationed out front. There is a gift shop with souvenirs off to the back of the restaurant. The menu even features classic diner foods, some even named after famous 50's icons.

We are one of two parties of two at this time of the day here. It is also evident that this is not the peak of the tourist season around these parts. I am sure in the summer, or even a little later, during spring break this restaurant and town will be crawling with tourists. After checking out the menu, we made our selections and waited until the food hit the table.

Started off with the Chili Cheese Fries. Chili out of a can, average fries, but lots of cheese made these pretty average tasting. We did enjoy the serving size of this appetizer though.

For a lunch option Katie selected the Fried Chicken Sandwich. This chicken sandwich was served on a sesame bun with all the fixings, red onion, tomato, lettuce and pickles. Katie called this sandwich, "solid and good for a snowy day". She felt the produce used here was fresh.

I had worked up a pretty big appetite during our drive, so I had the Big Bopper Burger. This half pound double patty cheeseburger was nothing spectacular. In fact it was very average. Could have been frozen patties, which I would expect from this tiny place. This burger was served with the same fries used with the chili fries.

Twisters was what I expected it to be. It is a 50's diner run by a local family. The food is okay. It serves its purpose of feeding road weary travelers and tourists that have just come back from the Grand Canyon. We did not have anything from their soda fountain, but the reviews for their ice cream is pretty good. They even serve a Brooklyn Egg Cream, which you do not see a lot of places. Service was fine here, but of course we were the only ones in here at the time of our departure. Prices were pretty good for a sit down restaurant. Burgers and sandwiches were $8.66, and most appetizers were $4.66. Yes you read that right. All menu items ended in 66 cents, in honor of the route that they are situated on. Just another thing that makes this little diner unique.

Out of five railroad tracks, (because the city of Williams is the starting point for the once daily round trip to the Grand Canyon on the Grand Canyon Railways), five being best to zero being worst, Twisters 50's Soda Fountain gets 2 railroad tracks.

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