Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Getting the Royal Treatment at Medieval Times

Medieval Times
7662 Beach Boulevard
Buena Park, CA 90620

Renaissance fairs, dinner theater, and jousting are usually not my thing. That was all about to change. Recently, both Katie and I were invited to Medieval Times to sample their new menu and watch the premiere of their first new show in five years. I had never been to Medieval Times before, so I had almost no idea what I was in for. I knew that there would be no utensils used for dinner, and I knew there would be knights battling it out in front of me, but besides that I was clueless as to what was going to go on here.

We arrived at the castle at six. After checking in we received our crowns, took a picture, and perused all of the souvenirs and clothing they have to offer. They have all the weaponry, toys, souvenirs and clothing any fan of the 11th century could want. Next it was off to the Knight's Club for a drink at their bar. Before we knew it, it was time to enter the arena for dinner.

The"lords and ladies" are seated in sections corresponding with the color of their crown. Each section has a knight to root for through the tournament. We were seated in the Black and White Knight's section. The leveled seating makes every seat in the castle a great seat. Just as the show was about to begin, our wench came over to get our drink order. It is a set menu for dinner, but they also offer a vegetarian option as well. Of course we got the standard meal, and this is how it all turned out.

The new show is not the only new thing here. The food has been upgraded as well. Starting us off was a Tomato Bisque and Focaccia Bread with olive oil and seasoning. No utensils were offered, so we waited for the bisque to cool, and drank it out of the bowl. The bread was soft and chewy.

The meal may have been upgraded at Medieval Times, but the Chicken and Rib plate still remain. They were very generous with the chicken. Each lord or lady gets a half a roasted chicken all to themselves. The chicken was surprisingly tender. The BBQ Beef Rib is now even larger. The potatoes have been changed here as well.  They are now herb roasted and cut in quarters, in what amounts to a large french fry.

The dessert of the castle the night we were here was Braided Apple Strudel. This dessert was stuffed with apples and served smoking hot. I had to let this cool down before I dived into this.

The all new show was pretty entertaining. I did not get pictures of it, but the dancing horse and the falconer was the highlight of my night. Our black and white knight was one of the first knights eliminated from the competition. Thanks a lot for the effort Knight! The rest of the knights engaged in sword fights, jousting, and equine presentations, all set to a new dramatic musical score.

I am not saying that I am going to start attending Renaissance Fairs or anything, but I did enjoy myself at Medieval Times. The improved meal and the new show make this a go to spot if you have visitors from out of town, or if you have never been yourself.

For show times and more information, check out Medieval times web site here:http://www.medievaltimes.com/

Contest Alert!

Thanks Medieval Times, Dennis Gaschen, and Michelle Barwick, for the opportunity to be a part of the new show and menu at Medieval Times. If you would like to experience Medieval Times yourself, I was graciously given a pair of tickets to give away on my blog. To win just comment on this blog post, or comment on our Facebook post about Medieval Times. One comment per person on both the blog and the Facebook post.  A winner will be drawn at random on Monday, February 13th, 2012. Good luck!

Contest Update

We have a winner! It is CJ Richner. CJ we will be in touch to give you your pair of tickets to Medieval Times. Congrats! To everyone else who tried, thank you very much for taking the time to enter, and thanks for reading the blog. We look forward to sharing more eating adventures with you in the future. 

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  1. I remember going to Medieval Times with Mike in 7th grade. He told me then that he used to dream of becoming the Black Knight when he grew up. But after dinner, he told me then that he wanted to become a food blogger instead. That was a fun night, with good food and plenty of entertainment. Who would have known that Mike would have grown up to be the food blogger that he is now?

  2. I hope I win so I can ask Mike to go with me. Eeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

  3. Sounds fun! I've been to Pirates Dinner Adventure twice. I don't remember the food being to remarkable, though.

  4. Oooh! Pick me, pick me!

  5. I'd love to try this place out. I've never been so it would be very cool! Sign me up for the contest!

  6. Haven't been to Medieval Times since high school. Hopefully I win these tickets, so I can go back!!

  7. I would love to take my husband to Medieval Times since he's never been there. I hope I win so we can go on a much needed date night!

  8. I'll toss my hat in the ring! Never been there...good luck to me!

  9. I might have to try this place, Mike, as long as tights aren't required.
    Thanks for the write-up.

  10. Wow, a little contest sure brings out the lurkers.

    I haven't been for at least 10 years. I think its time to take my wife and kids. And don't knock the renaissance fair. Its fun and there is a lot of food!

  11. Pick me I'd to take my stepson we have been there! I'm sure we would have A BLAST!!!

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    2. * love ....oops
      I 'd love to.take my stepson :)

  12. If I win, I might forgive you for stalking me all those years...

  13. I would love to go seeing as howi have never been