Sunday, November 13, 2011

Finishing Our Boston Swing at Five Napkin Burger

Five Napkin Burger
105 Huntington
Boston, MA 02199

It was our last day in Boston, and I had four restaurants left to try, but only one meal left on our vacation. I knew that I wrote down too many places to eat, but I thought we had an outside shot at getting to them all. So it came down to what was closest to the Prudential Tower, and the winner was Five Napkin Burger.

Five Napkin Burger has six locations, three in New York City, one in South Beach Miami, another one in Atlanta, and this one in the Back Bay area of Boston. The gourmet hamburger place is all the rage right now, and I could not be happier about that. I love a good burger, and with a wider array of toppings and condiments, it makes every new burger experience a treat.

We made it to FNB on a Sunday morning, just before noon. The restaurant was half empty, but filling up by the minute. By the time we left almost all of the tables were taken. The decor was minimal, with the dominating feature being the lighting hanging from meat hooks. Even with the lack of big splashy decor, this place had a sleek, hip feel to it. Since we were here on a Sunday, we had the opportunity to order off of their brunch menu. Let's see how that worked out for us.

We started with a Stack of Cornmeal Onion Rings. These onion rings were fried to perfection, and not as greasy as I would have thought. The cornmeal was a different twist which was good. The rings were served with blue cheese dressing and 5N sauce. The blue cheese dressing was a bit off for me. The 5N sauce, which is a little less pickly than thousand island was okay, but I preferred ketchup and ranch dressing to either of these sauces for the rings.

Katie did not want another chance to go by without having lobster, so she ordered the Lobster Roll Sliders. These sliders featured Maine lobster, with 5N mayo, cucumbers, and scallions. She was very happy with these sliders. She felt these were not too rich, but still very flavorful. She also thought Five Napkin really got the mayo to lobster ratio right on.

This good looking burger is the Brunch Burger. Fried egg is quickly becoming one of my favorite things to put on a burger. Here the fried egg is accompanied by ten ounces of ground beef, American cheese, ham, and 5N sauce. I asked for this burger medium, and it was cooked exactly the way I wanted it. All of the condiments combined to make this a great burger. I would have liked to of substituted the ham for bacon, but it was still good the way it was served. This burger was also served with fries, which were seasoned well. 

I did enjoy my time at Five Napkin Burger. The service was fair. Not too friendly, but efficient. There were more gourmet burgers on the menu that caught my eye, and would love to try. The Lamb Kofta Burger and the Original Five Napkin Burger with rosemary aioli sounded great. I have the feeling that this will be the kind of restaurant that could work in more cities, hopefully some on the west coast. Just a little bit of a hint for you guys at FNB. 

Out of five Bostonians, (because for the week we were in their great city, they really made both Katie and I feel at home), five being best to zero being worst, Five Napkin Burger gets 3.5 Bostonians. 

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