Sunday, October 23, 2011

Detouring Off the Freedom Trail to Mike's Pastry

Mike's Pastry
300 Hanover St. 
Boston, MA 02113

What better way to spend our very first full day in Boston, than walking the Freedom Trail and making a quick stop at Mike's Pastry. Before we left for Boston, everyone told me that I had to stop at the venerable pastry shop in the North End. I heard over and over, "best cannoli in the US". With all this praise, it definitely had a lot to live up to.

We got to Mike's at about 3 on a Wednesday afternoon, and the place had a constant stream of customers throughout our stay. The long lines that I expected never materialized, we ordered and had our cannoli's within three minutes of walking in the place. The bakery case was a little overwhelming, because I wanted to try almost everything. But, I knew we would be eating again soon, so I limited myself to the thing I came here for, a cannoli.

Katie wanted the signature item at Mike's, and went with a Hazelnut Cannoli. She called this the best cannoli she has ever had. The hazelnut flavor was a little subdued, but present. The flaky outer shell had a great texture, and could be cut with our plastic forks.

The Chocolate Chip Cannoli was my choice. I will admit to not being a cannoli connoisseur, but this was really good. The filling was smooth, while the crispy outer shell added texture and a nice crunch. The chocolate chips were a good addition to help vary the taste of the filing. I agree with Katie, this is the best cannoli I have ever had, although I have not had too many.

Mike's Pastry was all it was said to be. I did want to try one of their Boston cream pies, but they were not selling them by the slice that afternoon. I did not learn about Mike's rival, (Modern Pastry),  in the cannoli wars until I got back from our trip, but I will have to give them a try on our next trip. Also, on our next trip I will have to save more room for other treats at this upscale east coast bakery.

Out of five bricks, (because this place was steps from the Freedom Trail, which is paved with red bricks), five being best to zero being worst, Mike's Pastry gets 3 bricks.

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