Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Burger Business Continues to Bulge at OC Burger Co.

OC Burger Co.
22205 El Paseo, Ste. A
Rancho Santa Margarita, CA 92688

Burgers are invading the OC! Everywhere you look there is a new burger place opening up. Burgers seem to be this years frozen yogurt. Remember two years ago when there seemed to be a new frozen yogurt place in every strip mall from San Clemente to Placentia? Unlike the frozen yogurt fad, this is a trend that I really enjoy. I love a good burger. For me there is a certain nirvana that happens when a good burger has been eaten. Okay, I might have gotten a little carried away, let's just say that I like burgers.

We were meeting one of my favorite couples, Kevin and Sara to see a movie in Rancho Santa Maragrita. So where to eat?  I had heard of OC Burger Co. before but had never been, so that is where we headed. They have been opened for a little over a year and a half now. Located right next to Kohl's, this place used to be home to a Tommy Pastrami.

When we arrived a big party, maybe a soccer or softball team, had taken a large majority of the small, fifteen or so tables inside. So after ordering from the counter, we were relegated to the outside patio. Luckily it was a nice night outside, and we were away from the screaming kids. After about ten minutes our food was brought out, and this is how it went down.

Before I get to the food, I just have to say that I love taking pictures of food outside. It really makes the food look better, and it is so much easier getting a good shot. Anyways, we will start with Katie's choice for dinner, the Sliders and Monster Fries. These three 2 ounce sliders were topped with muenster cheese and grilled onions. Katie liked the simpleness of these sliders. The monster fries contained fries of course, along with jalapenos, bacon, cheese, and cilantro. The fires were okay, but the toppings migrated to the bottom of the paper basket. They were also very stingy with the bacon on these. The fries themselves were okay, nothing great.

Kevin and I both had a Bacon Cheeseburger, confirming that great minds do in fact think alike. We both had the same feelings about these two burgers. I had the burger on the bottom, which is actually a half pound, compared to Kevin's one-third pound burger on top. While we were here they had a weekend special offering a half pound patty for fifty cents more. Kevin, unfortunately did not see the sign, and was not offered the deal. We both felt that the bun was good, but flaky. Both of us also felt that the burger itself was under seasoned, and the toppings were over shadowed by the amount of special sauce they put on the burgers. The special sauce here seemed to be a thousand island type sauce, minus the pickles. Kevin felt that this was not so much a gourmet burger, but more of a backyard burger, which I agree with.

No, Kevin and I did not get the same sides, he went with the standard French Fries. He was surprised by these fries because they ended up being better than they looked. I ordered the Crispy Zucchini Sticks, which had a decent taste, but did have temperature issues.

I would sum the burgers up here as in between a gourmet burger and a backyard burger. The prices are not as high as you would think for being right outside the gates of Coto De Caza. Burgers start at $4.95 and the most expensive burger on the menu is $6.45.  They also offer the option of building your own burger, but with each topping costing between fifty cents to a dollar, that can add up quickly. The way to go here is to try one of their 15 signature burgers, and omit any items you don't want. Side items were fair, nothing that blew us away.

We would come back to OC Burger Co. It will not blow you away like Slater's or the Habit, but it is definitely a step up from fast food burgers that dominate the landscape of RSM.

So out of five soccer balls, (because Rancho Santa Margarita is home to Joy Fawcett, member of three Olympic medal winning soccer teams), five being best to zero being worst, OC Burger Co. gets 3 soccer balls.

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