Monday, July 18, 2011

Breakfast Bonanza at Anita's? - CLOSED

Anita's Western Broiler
11045 Warner Ave.
Fountain Valley, CA 92708

I am pretty passionate about breakfast burritos. So passionate in fact, that when I heard some of my coworkers talking about breakfast burritos at Anita's, I wrote down the info, and informed Katie that we were going to drive thirty minutes up the freeway to have breakfast. Katie, being the great girlfriend that she is was totally up for the idea. So we headed out at nine o'clock on Sunday morning, and headed to Fountain Valley.

Anita's is located on the corner of Warner and Edinger, right across from Mile Square Park. The menu is dotted with everything from hamburgers, gyros, Mexican specialties, and breakfast items. This is the kind of joint that is prevalent  in almost every city, and is usually run by Greeks. Ordering is done at the counter and then the food is brought to your table. Let's see if this will become part of our breakfast rotation.

Katie has been on a Huevos Rancheros kick lately, so that is what she went with here. She was surprised that she liked these as much as she did. The highlight of this dish for her was the ranchero sauce. She found this sauce to be flavorful. The potatoes were average, but were made much better when mixed with the ranchero sauce. She was also pleased that this was served with pinto beans, because they really rounded out the plate well. Katie claims that this was a very solid breakfast plate.

Now the reason I came here, the Breakfast Burrito. They feature three kinds of burritos here, bacon, sausage,  and egg and cheese. I of course went with the bacon burrito. The first thing I noticed about this burrito was that it was not as huge as the reviews online made it out to be. The burrito tasted good, but was overly stuffed with potatoes. The potatoes were creamy, but really there was too much of them, and they made the egg and bacon non-existent. What really made this burrito was the hot sauce that came with this. Distinctively yellow, and surprisingly it packed a punch. Very good accompaniment to a slightly above average breakfast burrito.

Just for good measure we also split an order of Pancakes. Sadly, these looked better than they tasted. Good texture, but lacking in flavor. No amount of syrup could help these burst through.

Anita's was an average breakfast spot. Not really worth the drive, but a decent choice if you happen to be in the area. The service was okay. It did seem to take awhile for our food to come out, and when it did, it came out a plate at a time. Anita's, like the rest of this shopping center, looks like it has seen better days, but if you can look past this, you can have a decent breakfast here. Their location is ideal if you want to take a walk through Mile Square Park to walk off the effects of the large breakfast you just ate.

So out of five artesian wells, (because these are what gave Fountain Valley its name), five being best to zero being worst, Anita's Western Broiler gets 2.5 artisan wells.

Anita's does not have web site, but you can find information about them here:

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  1. Mike, you HAVE to go to Bruxie in old town orange. Belgium waffle sandwiches. I went there for the first time today because it is walking distance from Chapman and I saw it had great reviews (4 star on yelp with over 1000 reviews). I got the Bruxie burger and it was fantastic!! Check it out:

  2. Chris - I am so glad you got the chance to go to Bruxie. It is definitely on our list of places to try. Maybe once you start at Chapman, we can meet up there. Thanks for comment big guy!