Thursday, May 19, 2011

Fabtabulous Hot Dogs in the Valley!

Fab Hot Dogs
19417 Victory Blvd.
Reseda, CA 91335

Being a part of a couple really makes you busy. Katie has such a large family that it seems like every weekend we have some party, shower, or baptism to attend. This weekend it was the latter, and it was all the way in the Valley.

To my best recollection I had never been to the Valley before. This really freaked Katie and her family out, so before we left I looked on-line to see what the Valley has to offer in the way of restaurants that have been on TV. That is when I found out we would be driving by Fab Hot Dogs, which was featured on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives.

Fab Hot Dogs is owned by New Jersey native Joe Fabrocini. After trying hot dogs in all areas of the US, he decided to open a spot where you could get all of the great hot dogs our country has to offer, under one roof.   With a heavy influence on east coast hot dogs, he has introduced the people of LA to a north New Jersey favorite, the Ripper, along with hot dogs that snap when you bite into them, like the dogs you can find in Manhattan. Enough talking about the hot dogs, let's take a look at what all the fuss is about.

Here are two looks at the Carolina Slaw Dog. Both Katie and I decided we would try all of the hot dogs that Guy Fieri tried when his show visited Fab's. This dog featured southern slaw, mustard, chili and a steamed all beef hot dog. I liked this hot dog. The coolness of the slaw, in comparison with the spicy chili really hit the mark for me. The hot dog definitely did have a great snap to it, and the bun stayed out of the way. Katie on the other hand was not so happy with this choice. She felt that the slaw was too sweet and overpowered the dog. I guess she does not agree with me all the time.

Next up is a Bald Eagle Ripper. A ripper is a deep fried hot dog, which has a great following in New Jersey, (and you thought the garden state only gave us bad reality TV stars!). Bald eagle sauce is a mixture of relish and mustard with a spicy twist. I liked the deep fried hot dog on this one, but the bald eagle sauce was too much for me. Not a big fan of the taste of it. Maybe it was a little too bitter for me.

Another hot dog that was featured on DDD, was the LA Street Dog. This bacon wrapped hot dog was topped with peppers, onion, mayo, ketchup, mustard, jalapenos, and tomato. This was easily Katie's favorite. She liked the sweet taste of the peppers. I liked this, even though there were so many big flavors on this. The bacon was kind of lost here, but I would get this again for sure.

Lastly, the famous Texas Burrito Dog. This fantastic creation was two all beef hot dogs, chili, cheese, onion, mustard, and Frito's, wrapped in a giant tortilla. The tortilla was then grilled and cut in two. The slight crisping of the tortilla was a nice touch, and all the ingredients in this worked so well with each other. The Frito's were not noticeable in this, but that was not a big deal. The chili was great, plenty of cheese and onion, it was a real pleasure eating this. Well worth the trip!

I guess by reading this far you can say that I was more than a little pleased with Fab Hot Dogs. This counter service restaurant has over twenty specialty hot dogs, along with over thirty toppings, so the combinations of what you would like on your hot dog are endless. I just wish I lived closer to Fab's, so I could satisfy my cravings for the Texas Burrito dog. I never thought I would want someone in Katie's family to throw another get together, just so we could head up to the Valley again, and definitely pass by Fab's.

Out of five Milli Vanilli Cd's, (because of course one of the supposed singers on their albums was named Fab), five being best to zero being worst, Fab Hot Dogs gets 4 Milli Vanilli Cd's.

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