Friday, February 25, 2011

Eating at the Pride of Crown Town, Miguel's

Miguel's California Mexican Cocina
26592 Towne Center Dr.
Foothill Ranch, CA 92610

I know, I know, another Mexican restaurant reviewed on this blog? I should leave it to the experts like Christian over at Orange County Mexican Restaurants. But, I can not stop eating Mexican food. It has become a part of me. So when Kevin and Sara suggested Miguel's, who was I to say no?

Miguel's is a Corona import to the OC. Started in 1973 in  the "Crown City", by Mike and Mary Vasquez. They now have three locations, (the other two are in Corona), and nine locations of the fast food version of their place, Miguel's Jr.

This Friday night the restaurant is really packed. The large dining room is buzzing with activity, and it is quite loud. We arrived at about 7:30 and had about a ten minute wait. The decor is bright, but the lighting is dark. Enough about the ambiance, let's check out the food.

So first things first, we always have to give you a glimpse of the chips and salsa. Okay, not really a salsa here, it is more of a sauce. There were no hunks of onion, cilantro, or tomatoes anywhere around this so called salsa. The taste was okay, but not big on flavor. The chips were your average run of the mill chips. They did not stand out to us.

Katie always has to order some Guacamole, and this night was no exception. The guacamole here is pretty mellow. It did have a nice smooth taste, but I like my guacamole with a little kick to it.

Now on to the meals. Kevin went with the El Garbage Burrito with shredded beef. He felt that this was just a basic burrito. Nothing special here. I should have gotten a picture of the inside of the burrito, but I did not. I didn't want to interrupt his eating.

Kevin's wonderful wife, Sara ordered the One Item Combination Plate, and chose the chicken taco. This also came with beans and rice. Once again, she was not wowed by this plate. She liked this well enough to finish it, but the taco did not get rave reviews from Sara. I will say that the chicken was at least moist, although lacking in flavor.

Next up was Katie's dinner, the Baja Fish Tacos, served Cabo style. Icelandic cod, flash fried and served with shredded cabbage and Baja sauce. She was surprised how much she enjoyed this plate. She felt that there was a lot of cheese in these, but it did not get in the way of the fish. She also thought that the fish was cooked well, and had a nice mellow essence to it.

Lastly, was my Carnitas Burrito, filled with Sonora beans, cilantro, Maria's sauce, then topped with salsa verde. The carnitas in this were tender, but like all the other food, was kind of bland. I ordered a side of beans and rice with this for an extra $2.49. I should have saved that money. They were average beans and rice, and did not add anything to the meal.

Our thoughts about Miguel's? Sara might have summed it up best when she said, "It was okay, but I probably would not go back". Living in the OC there are far too many good Mexican restaurants to eat at. The service for us on this night was good, but I feel that the prices at Miguel's are far too high for what you get. My burrito was $11.99, and Katie's two fish tacos were the same price. Only Sara's meal, the chicken taco combo plate, was priced fairly at $7.99.

So out of five lemons, (because Miguel's is from Corona, and Corona was once dubbed the lemon capital of the world), five being best to zero being worst, Miguel's gets 2 lemons.

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