Sunday, January 2, 2011

Football Frenzy #6 - Players Sports Bar

Players Sports Grill
24401 Ridge Route Dr. #105-B
Laguna Hills, CA 92653

All this football season we have been trying to find the ultimate place to watch football. It is now January and we still have not found that place. We have come close, but I am sure that we can do better. So before we get to the playoffs, and my team is officially eliminated, I wanted to try out Players Sports Grill in Laguna Hills.

Players has been around since 1995. Located dangerously close to Laguna Woods, this place is a little off the beaten track, tucked in the corner of a shopping center anchored by a 7-Eleven. I got the feeling that most of the people here to watch Thursday night football were regulars. The bar has a kind of loungy feel to it, with big comfortable chairs. Televisions are everywhere, they have over forty here, including some on the smokers patio. The atmosphere gets the thumbs up from us, but how about the food?

To start off our culinary adventures at Players both Katie and Richard got salads with their meals. Nothing too out of the ordinary, and the salads seemed like they were made with fresh ingredients.

Richard went with an unusual pick for a sports bar, the Chicken Fettuccini. He was not too pleased with this dish. He felt this was bland tasting and the sauce was straight from the jar. I did not get a chance to try this though.

Katie called this Players Club Sandwich, "the best turkey sandwich I have ever had!". That might be an over statement, but every time we go to Players this is her go to menu item. Katie liked the smokiness of the turkey meat, and the way it is sliced thin.She did not want the bacon that came with this, so she asked for it on the side so I could have it. What a great girlfriend to sacrifice her bacon for me!

Sorry for the blurriness of the picture above. I ordered one of Player's specialties, the Patty Melt. This sandwich is served on sourdough cheese toast, and comes with lots of onions, cheddar cheese and thousand island dressing. A pretty solid patty melt. The sandwich is pretty greasy, but I always think that adds flavor. The fries were a little over done for my taste, but still good.

The service at Players was pretty good. All of our drinks were refilled, and all of our requests were met. The crowd was okay, most were not too into the game, but I am sure that is just because there was only one game on this Thursday night. We will have to come back here next year, when there is a full set of football games going, and when my team is not eliminated.

So out of five contracts, (because players get contracts, and sometimes that is all they care about), five being best to zero being worst, Players Sports Grill gets 2.5 solid contracts.

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