Thursday, October 21, 2010

Football Frenzy #4 - Draft Choice

Draft Choice Sports Grill
30100 Town Center Drive #A
Laguna Niguel, CA 92677

We are still on our quest to find the perfect spot to watch NFL football in the OC. Are criteria is pretty simple; good food, good service and good atmosphere. This should be no trouble at all. Well, we have found some decent places to watch the games, but not the ultimate place we would like to hangout all the time. Let's see if Draft Choice can become that place.

Draft Choice is located in a sleepy, little strip mall off of Crown Valley. From the outside it looks very small, but once inside it balloons up to almost double the size it appears from the outside. The interior is dark, but the glow from the many TVs lights the way. They have well over thirty TVs here, and projection ones as well. No matter where you sit, you will be able to see a good many of the games. A very good layout for watching many games.

We arrived midway through the afternoon games, so we were relegated to sitting at a covered pool table. The waitress came over quick and took our order. I had read reviews on other web sites that the service here had been poor, but we got nothing but good service. It might be different in the morning, when they are a little busier, but that is what we experienced.  Now on to the food.

To start off, we ordered Irish Nachos. This mound of fries was covered in cheese and bacon, and served with ranch dip. This was more than enough for Katie and I. The first ten bites of this were good, but then it just started tasting like a giant salt lick. This appetizer in moderation would have been good though.

Katie had your basic Turkey Sandwich with salad as a side. She felt that this was just your basic sandwich. Nothing much to say about it other than it filled her up. I did not try a bite of this.

I went the turkey route also with the Turkey Melt. I was expecting something a little different here. Maybe the vegetables threw me off, or the fact that a melt came with avocado, but this was not what I had envisioned when I ordered it. A melt is supposed to have cheese, and here the cheese was indistinguishable. It was not bad, but again after the Irish nachos, I should have gone with something a little less salty.

The food at Draft Choice is your average bar food. Knowing that when you walk in helps you take it for what it's worth. The food is definitely not meant to be the star at Draft Choice, that would be the sports. The atmosphere was good, there were a lot of people that were definitely into the games. The service was good also, no major problems.

I like Draft Choice, but unfortunately, this will not be crowned ultimate football hangout. The food is just okay, and it needs to be better. The atmosphere and the service was good enough when we were here, but it might have been helped by my teams miracle win over the much hated Colts.

Out of five Bert Bell's, (NFL commissioner, who invented the draft in 1935), five being best to zero being worst, Draft Choice gets 2.5 Bert Bell's.

Draft Choice does not have a web site, but you can check out reviews here:

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