Thursday, August 19, 2010

Get Out the Pom-Poms For Pom Restaurant?

Pom Restaurant
84245 Indio Springs Road
Indio, CA 92203

Here is part two of our mini Indio adventure. At the end of the birthday weekend for Katie's dad, among others, the family gathered one last time for a re-commitment ceremony for Katie's cousin. The ceremony took place at Pom Restaurant, which is in the Fantasy Springs Resort. I had not been too impressed with the food at the resort all weekend. The buffet was not too good, and the catered food that we had for the birthday party was edible, but that is all I remember about it. I was hoping that Pom Restaurant could halt our current streak.

Rachel went for a light lunch. She got the Basket of Asiago Bread, and a bowl of Chicken Tortilla Soup. The soup was a spicy tomato broth, with chicken, sour cream, tiny tortilla strips, and cilantro. I tried a spoonful of this and did not taste any spice, it tasted like tomato soup to me. Rachel thought that the soup was just okay. The bread was good, and had plenty of cheese on it.

Katie, who's been on a real Greek kick lately, ordered up the Greek Style Chicken Pita. Grilled chicken, tomatoes, feta cheese, yogurt-cucumber sauce, all on a grilled pita bread. I did not try this. Katie thought that the chicken was cooked well, and she liked the yogurt sauce. In her opinion the vegetables that came with this were a waste of space.

Kevin opted for the Half Pound Burger. He found this burger to be average. He did not even remember what he had ordered a week later. I thought that the burger looked too well done for my taste, but the buttered bun was a nice touch.

There were some other items on the menu that looked good, but I saw this sandwich and could not get away from it. The Grilled Chicken and Avocado Club is pictured here. Bacon, Swiss cheese, and herb mayo is all piled on sourdough bread. With all of these big flavors, this sandwich could not go wrong. The fries were good, but the serving size was not too big.

Sorry about the poor picture of the BLT above. It was not my food, so I could not grab the food and move it for a better shot. That would have made for an interesting family lunch. Anyways, these two dishes I did not hear a peep about, but I wanted you to see them anyways. Like the other plates, everything kind of just seemed so sterile here.

Pom Restaurant was definitely the best place we ate while we were at Fantasy Springs. But it did not have any competition either. The food is your basic coffee shop food, but spiffed up a little, and in a sleek, sterile environment.

Out of five giant tamales, (because the Tamale Festival held every December in Indio, has had the world's largest tamale at 40 feet long!), five being best to zero being worst, Pom Restaurant gets 2.5 giant tamales.

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