Thursday, June 10, 2010

Soaking Up the Sun at the Beachcomber

The Beachcomber
15 Crystal Cove Way
Newport Beach, CA 92657

Katie wanted to take me out for my birthday, but she was not so sure where to go. She scoured Urbanspoon, read numerous food blogs, consulted the Zagat guide, talked to numerous friends and colleagues, wrote to Dear Abby, inquired with a medium, and finally decided on the Beachcomber in Crystal Cove. I am not really sure she did all of this, but if she did, I appreciate it. Of course she did not have to go to all of this trouble, I would have loved just being anywhere with her, trying a new place.

The Beachcomber is in Crystal Cove, which is south of Corona Del Mar. I had never been to Crystal Cove before. They are really renovating the place, and there is a lot of construction going on. Crystal Cove was the setting for numerous movies, (Beaches was partly filmed here), and they have over twenty cottages to rent. The cove was a weekend getaway spot for many people in the 30's, and being here is like being transported back to that era.

So now on to the reason that we have come to Crystal Cove, the Beachcomber. The aptly named Beachcomber is mere steps from the sand. It is one of the most picturesque restaurants that Orange County has to offer. They have a huge patio that is comfortable and inviting. Each table is given two blankets, in case you feel a chill in the air. Let's find out if the food is going to get a chilly reception.

To begin the meal at the Beachcomber, we chose to start with Nana's Crab Cakes. These are made with blue crab and then fried. The inside, as you can see is very flaky, and good. The remoulade sauce that was served with this was superb, and really made the crab cake better. I did feel that these were over-priced for the two crab cakes that we were given. There was so much greenery on this plate, that there was no need to order a salad. I used the extra remoulade sauce to make an impromptu salad.  

Katie ordered the Ultimate Tuna Melt. This sandwich has albacore tuna, red onion, herb aioli, and Gruyere cheese, on their French bread. I am not usually a big tuna melt fan, but it was pretty good. The bread was excellent, and the cheese was melty and plentiful. This dish usually comes with tomato gorgonzola bisque, but Katie subbed that out for fries. The fries were crispy, and not too oily.

My birthday lunch was the Blackened Swordfish Tacos. These Creole spiced tacos were served with organic mixed greens. After eating the greens that were with the crab cakes, I was done with salad, and should have asked for another side dish. This fish was cooked well and spiced great. The menu said these were served with a pineapple tarter slaw. I did not taste this at all, I should have asked for more of the delicious remoulade sauce.  

If I have not mentioned it yet, this was my birthday, so they brought out the above Sundae. This featured slightly brown bananas and vanilla ice cream. It is your pretty standard sundae, with no topping.

So, what to make of the Beachcomber? The food is good, but the view and service makes the food taste better. This is the type of place that you want to take tourists, to show off our beautiful coast. Or a place to go to escape from reality, at least for an hour or two.

Out of five metal detectors, (because beachcombers use these to find treasures along the beach), five being best to zero being worst, the Beachcomber gets three metal detectors.

For more information on the Beachcomber, click here:

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  1. Baby, i love you very much and wanted to make your b-day special - I'm glad you liked the food, and the view is heavenly! :) And, don't be mad, but the source I used to find this restaurant is Orange County's foremost food experts (besides you) named Mom, Dad and Jimmy. They thought it would be a good "couples" restaurant - I agree! I love being anywhere with you too babe, and love all of our culinary adventures! Ok, I'll stop before I get all mushy... :)