Saturday, May 29, 2010

Mr. Stox Still Good After All of These Years? CLOSED

Mr. Stox
1105 E. Katella Ave.
Anaheim, CA 92805

A lot of places seem to change all the time. Restaurants change owners, change locations, change their food, but Mr. Stox has been consistently great for over forty-two years. Even though the area around them has changed dramatically in the last few years, Mr. Stox has been the one restaurant that has stood the test of time. Let's see if it is still this way.

Mr. Stox has been run by the same family for the last 33 years, (The Marshall's). I have been coming here for about ten of those years with my family to celebrate birthdays and anniversaries. Mr. Stox is an elegant yet not overly stuffy place, where the service is always impeccable. Hopefully this visit will be the same.

Mr. Stox makes some of the best bread in the county. These are three of the offerings on our night. The sourdough is great, the red bread, (I think it was beet, but not sure), was good as well, but the crowd favorite is the sunflower bread above. Very good texture, and the flavor was amazing. Nice start to our meal.

I ordered the Caesar Salad. Hearts of romaine, homemade croutons, anchovies, and an anchovy vinaigrette. Really a very fresh salad. I even ate the salty anchovy in one bite. This was a very traditional Caesar salad. 

Now on to the main dishes. Katie's Seafood Linguini is pictured above. This dish combined Scampi and Day Boat scallops, tossed with spinach linguini, tomatoes, garlic, olive oil and parmesan cheese. Katie really liked this entree. The shrimp had a good flavor, the scallops were cooked perfectly, and all the other ingredients combined to make this one of the best seafood dishes, she has ordered in awhile.

My sister chose the Filet of Beef. Beef Tenderloin, glazed with Roquefort cheese. The side item for this was truffled creamy potatoes. She had no complaints with this at all. The bite I had was very tender, and the truffled potatoes were very rich. The meat paired with a black currant reduction, made this a great dish.

My choice for dinner was the Prime Rib. This big cut was served with creamy mashed potatoes, and mixed vegetables. The vegetables were just okay, but the meat was cooked just the way I had ordered it, medium rare. I also loved the creamy horseradish that was served with this. Very light and fluffy. Not a lot of fat on this prime rib either.

Always a crowd pleaser, is the Maryland Crab Cakes. I will go on record here, and say that these are the best crab cakes I have had in the OC. Jumbo lump blue crab is paired with a spicy peanut slaw, which my mom called, "the best slaw I have ever had." These two crab cakes melt in your mouth and make even the most giving person want to hoard them all to themselves. This is also served with asparagus and a Yukon potato.

The last entree for our group was the Lamb. Sliced rack of lamb with a thyme reduction. The lamb here was cooked perfectly. Not too gamey, and had a great smoke flavor. This dish was enhanced with a pesto risotto that rocked when paired with the lamb.

When celebrating anything at Mr. Stox, you are always treated to a Mini Baked Alaska. Cake with chocolate ice cream on top, and then surrounded by meringue. I am not too big of a fan of this, but it is free, and you can not argue with that.

So another fine outing at Mr. Stox. The service, food and atmosphere were top notch, as usual. I would like to see a few more items added to their menu, but what is on there now, is all so excellent.

Out of five dividends, (because when you own stocks, you want to be rewarded with dividends), five being best to zero being worst, Mr. Stox receives 4.5 dividends. Yes, this is my first 4.5 rating.

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  1. I agree 100%, Mike. Mr. Stox is a great restaurant for those special occasions. It should be pointed out that if you purchase one of the Entertainment Books for OC, you can get one meal for free (or nearly so). I mention this, not as a salesman for the Entertainment Books, but simply as a way to sample some of the fine dining that OC has to offer.
    Whatever the reason, it's worthwhile to visit Mr. Stox.
    Again, spot on review, Mike!

  2. One of the best meals I have every eaten! Unfortunately, I have had the opportunity to frequent several places with Mike and this was one of the best!(just kidding Mike) We always have a good time. This time we had a great time and a great meal and if you need to leave the table to make an important phone call, they will take your plate and keep it warm for you in the kitchen!! Good times! - Ryan

  3. Annoymous #1- You are right, they have always been very good about taking the Entertainment card, and using it here, pays for the book. Thanks for the comment!

    Ryan, Yes, good times at Mr. Stox, and our departed Clubhouse. We need to go to another place soon, but don't leave the table when the food comes again! Thanks for the comment!

  4. We always enjoy reading your blog as you continue to eat your way through the OC. Thank you for your review of Mr Stox from 2010.

    It is still very much appreciated.


    Mr Stox

  5. Mr. Stox - Thanks for the kind words. We are planning to return to do an updated review in the near future. Can not wait!