Friday, April 16, 2010

Filling Up at Off the Bone

Off the Bone
1734 South LamarSt.
Dallas, TX 75215

So Katie and I went on vacation to Dallas for five days in April. Our purpose for the trip was to see the sights, go to a hockey and baseball game, and of course find and sample the best food that big D has to offer. This is part seven of seven in our Dallas series. So stop roping those longhorns for a few moments, and enjoy this special edition of Eating My Way Through Dallas.

When I was doing my research on where the best barbeque was in Dallas, this place was mentioned more than any other, so we decided to eat here before heading off to the Ducks-Stars hockey game. Off the Bone is located in downtown Dallas, in an industrial area, right by the Dallas police station. This is a very small restaurant that only has two tables outside, and none inside. Lucky for us we got a table, so lets if this place is worthy of all the buzz.

We started with the Chopped BBQ Brisket Sandwich. The sauce was very good. It had a lot of vinegar in it, but it really worked. The meat was very tender, and had a great smoky taste. The rolls that this was served on was nothing special, but the meat is meant to be the star here, and it is.

The potato salad was not as good as the one that we had a Baker's earlier in the week. This potato salad was all right, but nothing to write home about. We should have tried the Baked Beans instead.
This is what I am talking about! These were as good as they look. We started with an order of the Smoked Pecan Baby Back Ribs, shown above. An order consists of five to six ribs. Do yourself a favor and just get a full rack, that is what we did, and I could not have been happier. These ribs were loaded with meat, and had a great char on the outside and very tender meat. These ribs also just fell off the bone when you picked them up. Very good indeed, and worth another picture.
This was our full rack that we ordered. We ate all but three of these, and I ate the rest in the hotel room after the hockey game. They were still good, even after sitting in the car for four hours.
Off the Bone is a no frills barbeque place that has awesome meats. Great big flavor and great sauce, make this a can not miss place in big D.
Out of five picked clean ribs, five being best to zero being worst, Off the Bone gets 4 picked clean ribs.
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