Thursday, April 29, 2010

Dry Docked at the Jolly Roger CLOSED

Jolly Roger
34661 Golden Lantern
Dana Point, CA 92629

Looking for somewhere different to try, Katie and I decided on giving the Jolly Roger a shot. The last Jolly Roger I had been to was on Balboa Island, and that one is long gone. In fact, there are only two left, one in Oceanside and this one in Dana Point.

On this Sunday night we could have our pick of any table in the place. They were not very busy, so we opted to sit upstairs. The view was great, here is a picture from our table.

Lets hope the view is not the best thing about this place. Onto the food you land lovers! That is my pirate talk.

For an appetizer, we chose the Crab and Artichoke Dip. The menu said this was snow crab and artichoke hearts blended with cream cheese. The first picture shows the oil slick that was very much evident in this dip. The crab was un-noticeable, and the artichoke hearts were non-existent. The second picture shows the trouble we had dipping our chips in this dip. The cheese was very stringy, and made it impossible for us to dip our chips without  creating a big ribbon of cheese with each dip. I am not even sure this was cream cheese in this dish, it really tasted like mozzarella, but I could be wrong about that. Not a very good start to our meal.

This bright colored plate was Katie's Shrimp Scampi. This was a daily special and not on the regular menu. After tasting this, it should stay off of the menu. The shrimp had no taste, even when I drenched it in the garlic and butter. One of the worst shrimp scampi's that I have ever had. The rice and vegetables were average.

So for my plate I went with a Pirate Combo, featuring Prime Rib and Coconut Shrimp. First, the prime rib had fat all through the cut. I was really fighting this meat with my knife. The meat itself was good, but all the fat really made this plate more of a challenge to eat.

The coconut shrimp was heavily battered, and you could not taste the shrimp. Eaten without the orange marmalade sauce, these shrimp were dry. The rest of the plate was nothing to write home about either. The mashed potatoes were dry as well, and the vegetables were just okay.

The service at the Jolly Roger left a lot to be desired also. Our ill fated crab and artichoke dip sat finished in the middle of our table throughout our meal. The waiter himself was pleasant, but not enough to make us want to go back. I would describe the food here as, bad wedding reception food. Everything was bland and very dry.

So out of five skull and cross bones, (because that is what is on the Jolly Roger flag, not because the food is poison!), five being best to zero being worst, the Jolly Roger gets 1 skull and cross bones.

If you would like to visit the Jolly Roger web site, click here:

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