Thursday, March 11, 2010

Raising the Steaks At Bungalow!

The Bungalow
2441 East Coast Highway
Corona Del Mar, CA 92625

So I have done thirty posts and now you are all thinking, "Why is he reviewing the Bungalow again?". Because they have an awesome special on Sunday nights, that I just could not keep to myself. Below is a picture of the special menu.

Yes, that is right, unlimited Filet Mignon, for twenty-five dollars. You also have your choice of five sides. Here are the pictures of my four steaks.

These steaks were cooked perfectly. I had mine medium rare and could cut it with a fork, just like my previous trip here. The side items were also pretty good. I thought the mashed potatoes were okay, but the creamed corn is a must have. Not as sweet as Gulliver's creamed corn, but still really good. The steaks did get smaller as the night moved on, but the taste also got better. I was in filet heaven with this.

Not in the mood for steak? The Bungalow also has six 3-course meals for under thirty dollars, Sunday through Thursday, in the bar. The above is the Bungalow salad. The bite that I had tasted pretty good, and everyone really raved about the dressing. 

These are two of the entree's that are included in the three course dinners. The one above is Fat Tire Halibut Fish and Chips,($24 for the three course meal). The batter was really good and the halibut was really buttery tasting. The cole slaw was the only thing on the plate that lacked in flavor. 

The filet mignon three course dinner, ($29),  was served with polenta, spinach, and an awesome mushroom and Boursin sauce over it, really a good dish.

Lastly, here is the best Creme Brule that any of us at the table have ever had. It was so light and creamy, that even after my four steaks, I still had room left for more than my fair share of Katie's dessert. This is another must have.

With all of these specials going on, you can see why this was worth a return visit for us. The other three course meals that they have are; Beef Short Ribs($27), Pan Roasted Artic Char($25), Pesto Marinated Chicken Breast($24), and Pork Tenderloin($28). All of these are listed over $30 on the regular menu, so this really is a great deal.

Out of five filets, Five being best to zero being worst, The bungalow gets four filets, (just like the number that I ate here).

For more information on Bungalow, check them out here:

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  1. The Bungalow is one of OC's best kept secrets. Hopefully the exposure you've given it doesn't impact my ability to get in and enjoy the fine food.
    BTW, enjoy the blog and reviews. Keep up the good work.

  2. Annonymous, thanks for the kind words. I also hope it still easy getting into the Bungalow, but with all of their great deals they are offering, I think they will see increased business.