Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Making Progress at El Progreso?

El Progreso
24602 Raymond Way
Lake Forest, CA 92630

I am always in the mood for Mexican food, so I dragged Katie down to try El Progreso Mexican Food in Lake Forest. This place is located in the same shopping center where I get my haircut, so I have walked by there a few times. It is never very crowded, and this was also the case on this Thursday night visit also. The joint is really big, and since there were no other customers in here, it really looked gigantic.

El Progreso was opened by employees of the now defunct, Carmel's. According to other reviews that I have read, the menus are exactly the same. I had never been to Carmel's, but people really seem to like it, lets see if I can become a convert.

Here is their salsa, with onions added. They have a pretty nice salsa bar, with cilantro, three kinds of salsa, diced onions and a avocado sauce. Very good variety, for a fast food Mexican place.

This is Katie's plate. She got two chicken taquitos and a chicken taco. I really liked the taco. It was packed with meat, and when the salsa was added, this was a winning combination. The taquitos were a little dry, and the rice and beans were average. This plate, like mine was rather cold. The food really came out fast, so maybe they had it sitting around for a bit before we got there.

Here is the rather boring looking, and boring tasting cheese quesadilla. This cheese and tortilla concoction had no taste was served luke warm. Not very good.

This is my carnitas burrito. This burrito was a little skimpy on meat, but they do have burritos with all meat, next time I will choose that one. This burrito was really heavy on the beans. I did like the jack cheese that they used. The taste of the burrito was good, but did not blow me away. At $5 I thought that this burrito was worth the price.

Do not go to El Progreso and expect to have the best Mexican food of your life. It is a decent fast food place. If I were in the area, I would try it again. So out of five pilgrims, (get it?, like the novel) El Progreso gets two pilgrims.  

El Progreso does not have a web site, but you can check them out here for more information: http://www.yelp.com/biz/el-progreso-mexican-restaurant-lake-forest

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