Sunday, February 14, 2010

Heroes a Good or Bad Guy?

Heroes Bar & Grill
125 W Santa Fe Ave
Fullerton, CA 92832

Heroes is one of those places that you just feel comfortable in. Maybe it is because the staff is always so chill, or maybe it is because they do not mind if you throw your peanut shells on the floor, in fact they encourage it. I often think that if I ever opened a restaurant, this is the kind of place I would like it to be, a down to earth place where people know they will get a good meal in a great- atmosphere. 

This Wednesday night I walked in and had no wait. The place was busy, but not like on a Friday or Saturday night. The walls are covered with tons of pictures, white Christmas lights and old antique signs. The building used to be an old blacksmith shop in the early 1900's, but now it is decorated more like a garage sale, so lets hope the food is not like
hand me downs.

This is the dinner salad that came with my meal. A decent size dinner salad and the sourdough roll was good also. The salad came out real cold, which was a nice touch.

Here is a picture of the Smokie Joe's Pork Sandwich, with the coleslaw on the side and their potato chips. The meat on this sandwich was tender, and the barbeque sauce really made this sandwich. The poppy seed bun was also good and did not get soggy. Really a tasty dish.

Here is Katie's half, yes half of a Cobb salad. This was your pretty standard Cobb salad, except that she had enough to take to work the next day. The bite I had was really good and tasted really good.

Okay, here is the reason to try Heroes. This is the Southwest Meatloaf, done Jack's way. Jack's way is covered in chili, onions and cheese, instead of the usual way they serve it covered in salsa. The ground chuck was moist and flavorful and the chili really complimented it. A real great dish. The two sides I chose were the macaroni and cheese and the mashed potatoes. Lots of starch I know, but I really wanted to try these. Both were really good. I even had enough for lunch the next day. There was no way I could have finished this plate. 

So I would definitely recommend going to Heroes in Fullerton, but only if you like huge portions of good food, and a good friendly atmosphere. If you do not like these things, head to the Denny's down the street. Also one other note, if you plan on getting Heroes' chili nachos as an appetizer, do not plan on eating anything else for dinner. The nachos are huge and can feed up to six people. A half order is available, and I highly recommend these nachos. 

So on a scale of five capes, (you know because heroes always wear capes), five being best to zero being worst, Heroes receives 3.5 capes. 

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  1. I usually like my salad almost room temperature, I find the salad tastes better than if it's cold, because it doesn't taste like it was just taken out of the refrigerator. Also if they use tomatoes keeping them in the fridge ruins their sweetness.