Sunday, February 14, 2010

Getting the Cold Shoulder at Los Primos

Los Primos
26721 Rancho Parkway
Lake Forest, CA 92630

Los Primos is a fast food Mexican place that has fifteen locations, in four counties in southern California. The one by my house is in Shell station. I usually try to stay away from gas station food, but this is not your typical hot dog that has been sitting in a case all day, so let's see if this place is a gas or not, (sorry about the horrible joke).  

Above are my carne asada fries. I am a big fan of this San Diego dish. It is like nachos, but with potatoes, instead of tortilla chips. Although this dish was not as good as Albatross's carne asada fries, they were good. The fries were not hot enough though.

Here is the combo meal that includes a taco and cheese quesadilla. Again the food was not hot, but the quesadilla was not too greasy and the taco, as you can see, had a lot of cheese on it. The rice and beans were adequate also. 


Here is another combo plate. This one features a beef chimichunga with rice and beans. Again this dish did not come out hot. Maybe we caught them on a bad night. The chimichunga was smaller than I thought, and did not have a lot of meat in it. The taste was okay.

Here is my Monster Burrito. Not really too much of a monster to me, but it was good size for the $5.49 price. This burrito had shredded beef, rice, lettuce, beans and cheese and enchilada sauce on top of it. Nice tasting burrito.

This plain looking burrito is the Chile Verde burrito. This was a good tasting burrito that was more flavorful than the Monster burrito. Not enough meat in this one though, but the pork that was in here was good, just not enough of it.

Los Primos is good in a pinch. If I am in the area I would stop by, but it is not a destination place. When I first started going here, it was a lot better than on my last two recent trips. The food came out lukewarm, and they really skimped on their meat.

Out of five cousins, five being best to zero being worst, Los Primos receives two cousins, well short of a decent family reunion.

For more info on Los Primos, here is their web site:

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  1. I actually liked the fish taco and the carne asada taco here. They tasted very San Diego-ish to me. Rice and beans were blah. I went for lunch and didn't have a food temperature problem, but as you said, it's been worse more recently and I went 9 months ago or so.

  2. I really miss those carne asada fries and their menchaca burritos! I need to get back there soon! I'm down to about 1/2 a tank, hmmm...I need a fill up!

  3. Xana, if you need to fill up, try the carne asada fries at Albatros, off of Lake Forest, across from the Hat. Way better than the ones from Los Primos.