Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Will Red Robin Lay an Egg?

Red Robin
3015 El Camino Real
Tustin, CA 92782

We were going to Cirque de Solei, so I was left in charge of finding a place to eat, that was close by. After doing a quick search, I saw that Red Robin was in the general area. I never think of Red Robin. They always seem to get left off of my radar, not that they are bad, but I always get side tracked into going somewhere different.

Red Robin is a bright, family themed restaurant that always seems to have people eating there. They are never slow. They just opened there 400th restaurant in 2008, so maybe they are doing something right, lets find out if it is the food.

Here is Katie's Twisted Caesar Salad. This item is no longer on the menu, but you can still order it. It is basically a chicken caesar salad with tube pasta in it. I do not understand why she liked this, it tasted pretty boring to me, but she raved about this salad and was really excited she could still order it.

Here is my Mom's Chicken Tortilla Soup. This vegetable and chicken soup was a hit with my Mom, who said that she enjoyed that it did not have hunks of tomato in it, like at Chili's. This soup seemed okay, but what makes it a tortilla soup? The tortilla strips? I guess, but it seemed like a basic chicken and vegetable soup. Not my cup of tea, or in this case soup! Ugh, sorry about that!

Now here was my burger. Red Robin is known for their classic gourmet burgers, and here is their Guacamole Bacon Burger. I substituted cheddar for swiss. The burger was cooked medium, just the way that I like it. Very tasty burger, I was pretty hungry and devoured this quick. The guacamole was good and the bacon was tasty. Even the fries, sorry not pictured, were good, and I am usually not a fan of big steak fries. Really a good meal.

My Dad's burger is above. The Royal Red Robin Burger is a bacon cheese burger topped with a fried egg. This heart attack on a bun had my Dad very happy. He really liked the burger, and we all enjoyed the peace and quiet while he ate it. Just kidding Pop!

Red Robin is known for their burgers and this is why you should go there. The other things on their menu are just filler. They are decent but nothing to get all excited about. The burgers on the other hand were really good, and will be the reason that I would go back.

Out of five robin eggs, five being best to zero being worst, Red Robin gets 2.5 robin eggs. 

For more information on Red Robin, fly on over here:

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