Thursday, January 28, 2010

Is Casa Franco like striking oro?

Casa Franco
24395 Alicia Parkway
Mission Viejo, CA 92691

Mission Viejo had turned into Waterworld this past week, so that is why Katie and I did not want to stray far from home and why we have had so many posts on the blog from Mission Viejo. Sorry about that, but we will get out of MV to review some restaurants as soon as the flood waters subside.

For this culinary adventure we trekked to Casa Franco in the old Mervyn's shopping center at Alicia and the 5 freeway. Casa Franco is a hole in the wall place, and it seems like they like it this way. On this rainy Thursday night there was a five minute wait. With so many people in this small place, lets see if they are brought here by the food...

Here is the Casa Franco salsa. This salsa was smooth and had a little spice to it, just what you need on a cold rainy night. Very good start, but the chips were just okay.

Here is a picture of our cheese quesadilla, served with guacamole and sour cream. Pretty basic, but tasty and not greasy at all.

Here is Katie's combination plate. A chicken tamale and a chicken taco, served with beans and rice. I liked this plate, but I felt the chicken was a little dry. I am also not a real fan of tamales. I think that a lot of them are too dry. This one was also. The taco had a good shell, and plenty of cheese. Beans and rice were good though.

My Red Chili Colorado burrito is the one above. This was the real deal. Very good sauce, and the beef was jam packed in here. The sauce had a great spicy flavor and really made this dish enjoyable. Once again the beans and rice were good.

So Casa Franco is not the best Mexican food that I have ever had, but it is on par with Don Jose's, and I really like Don Jose's. They are both reliable options when it comes to Mexican food. They are both very good values for the money. Also a little tip for all of you taco Tuesday fans out there, they do have dollar tacos on Tuesdays, and they are just like the one that Katie had, not any smaller. 

Out of five sombrero's, five being best to zero being worst, this place gets three solid sombrero's. Sorry could not think of anything clever here, so went with something off the top of my head, like sombrero. Ah, get it?

Casa Franco does not have a web site but you can find there menu here:

Casa Franco on Urbanspoon

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