Thursday, January 28, 2010

Dining out During Newport Beach Restaurant Week

2441 East Coast Highway
 Corona Del Mar, CA 92625

Okay, so before I start this entry, I must apologize for the pictures. We did not have reservations at Bungalow, so we were sat out on the heated patio, and there was no light out there. It was such a nice place I was trying to not use a flash, so the pictures suffered. My apologies.

Newport Beach restaurant week is held twice yearly, once in January and then again in October. Restaurants offer prix-fixed meals for a substanually reduced price. It is a great chance to experience a place that may be out of your budget. For this reason Katie and I decided we would try Bungalow in Corona Del Mar.

Bungalow is located on PCH and MacArthur, about two blocks away from Fashion Island. The menu consists of steaks and seafood, in the $30 to $40 range. Our special Newport Beach Restaurant Week menu had three course meals for just $25 dollars, so lets see what we got.

Here was my first course, the Steakhouse Wedge salad. This salad featured red onion, tomatoes, lardons and roquefort dressing. First off, I had to look up what lardons are. They are according to the dictionary, strips of fat used in larding. They looked like pecans and tasted like bacon bits though. Very tasty. Also tasty was the dressing. It really tasted homemade, and very creamy. The salad was not too big and made me wonder if I was getting a smaller version because I ordered off of the prix-fixed menu. This salad is regularly $11, I would expect a bigger salad for that much.

This is Katie's salad, again sorry about the picture. She loved this salad so much that I had to include it even with the sub-par pic. She got the Bungalow salad, which consists of greens, red onion, bay shrimp and feta cheese. She loved the vinaigrette dressing that came on this salad. This salad was bigger than mine, and is usually priced at $10.

Here is my filet mignon served with cooked spinach and polenta cake. The spinach was just okay and the polenta cake was a pleasant surprise, but the best part of this plate was the steak. They serve only prime grade steaks here and this was definitely the prime time player here. The filet was so tender that I cut it with my fork, and the taste was amazing. Well worth the usual $34 dollar price tag.

I did not think my choice could be topped, but Katie managed it with her fish and chips selection. The fish was tender and almost buttery, and lacked the greasiness of many other places fish and chips. Probably the best fried fish that I have ever had. The tartar sauce was also really good. The fries were okay, but I was real happy when Katie offered me one of her pieces of fish because she was already full and wanted to save room for dessert. Thanks babe!

This was my choice for dessert, the Chocolate Souffle Cake. Very rich and decadent, this was the perfect way to end this awesome meal. I could not finish this quick enough.

Vanilla Crème Brulee was Katie's choice. This was very smooth, and had just the right sweetness to it. Katie remarked that this was the best creme brulee that she has ever had. I cannot disagree with her on that.

I felt that Bungalow is one of the best restaurants that I have ever eaten in. It will definitely be on my list when there is a special occasion, or in October when restaurant week returns. Bungalow has the feel of being in the Florida Keys, not that I have been there, but it is what I imagine it to be.

So in the spirit of the Florida Keys, out of five palm trees, five being best to zero being worst, Bungalow gets four palm trees.

You can learn more about Bungalow from there web site right here:

Bungalow on Urbanspoon


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