Thursday, December 10, 2009

Steak Out in Downtown Fullerton!

118 E. Commonwealth
Fullerton, Ca. 92832

Downtown Fullerton has a lot of great places to hangout. I really enjoy Heroes, Angelo and Vinci's, and Slidebar, just to name a few. So when we were going to meet friends there, the only problem was deciding where we wanted to go. My friend Chris decided on Stubrik's, and so that is where we all headed.

Stubrik's was opened by two friends, Stub and Rik. They had both worked in the restaurant business for years in the resort areas of southern California and Colorado. They both wanted to open a place that they would feel comfortable in. A place that was nice, but was not too stuffy, a place you could get good food, at a decent value, so lets see how it all worked out for them.

Stubrik's is a dark place, with big comfy booths, and wood all over the place. It is the kind of place that everyone could feel comfortable in. You do not have to worry about how you are dressed, because it is so dark, no one can see you. The atmosphere is one of a place that you would find in hunting lodge in the mountains, just a little bit louder. Service has always been good here, no complaints tonight either.

Here is my salad. Sorry about the picture, it was so dark in there I could not get a good shot. This is the salad that is included with every steak order. I especially liked the sunflower seeds. The blue cheese dressing was good as well, not too runny.

This is my 16oz top sirloin steak, stuffed with dried blue cheese and covered with Burgundy blue cheese sauce. The steak was cooked perfectly and had a great rich flavor. The vegetables were okay, and the potatoes were supposed to be garlic, but you could not taste the garlic, even without the brown gravy.

Another hit was this Bananas Foster. This not only would get Curious George excited, but nearly everyone at our table. The rum and caramel  sauce was sweet and complimented the bananas and ice cream excellently. They also, as you can see from the picture, did not skimp on the ice cream. I always hate when you order a dessert like this and they give you a small tablespoon of ice cream, this was not the case here. Plenty to go around.

So Stub and Rik, I would say mission accomplished in what you set out to do. You both set up a place where everyone feels comfortable, and you can have a good dinner at a reasonable price. My 16oz steak costs 24 dollars, but that also includes soup or salad and potatoes and veggies, a steal in this day in age where a lot of places are going ala carte on everything.

On a scale of zero to five steak knives, five being best, Stubrik's gets a solid 3.5 steak knives.

For more information on Stubrik's, check them out here:

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