Sunday, November 22, 2009

Sunday Fun Day at Garf's!

Garf's Sports Lounge
3046 Bristol St.
Costa Mesa, CA 92626

So my friends and I have had no luck trying to watch football on Sunday mornings. A lot of places think that just beacuse they have lots of tv's, that people will put up with lousy service or sub-par food. So heading to Garf's in Costa Mesa, I was not expecting much, but that was about to change.

Garf's is a run down sports lounge that has seen better days. but they know how to treat their customers. Before the morning games start, the manager is at our table asking what games we want where. This is super cool, and does not happen at very many places. The waitress, Melanie was on top of our drink orders, and was also over at our table everytime we had a new edition to our party. So now on to the food...


Katie started with the breakfast burrito with bacon. She really liked the burrito and it really filled her up. The potatoes had cheese and onions on them and tasted great according to her. I would have liked a little more flavor, but I have really been on a Tapitio kick lately.

Next, was Clay's Denver omlette. He really liked the omlette, and thought that the eggs were done perfectly. The omlette had a lot of ham and bell pepper on it. He liked the potatoes, but was not in awe of them. His potatoes did not have as much cheese on them as Katie's. They probably know that this guy is trouble, so they wanted to give him a hard time.

Next was Chris's chef salad. From the picture you can see that they went real heavy on the ham and the cheese, but trust me there is salad under there somewhere. Chris did not really comment too much on the salad, but it looked appetizing from across the table. At $9.50, it looks like he got his moneys worth.

Next up was my patty melt with swiss cheese. Really tasty burger, a little greasy, but not too much. The fries were actually crisp, unlike a lot of places steak fries. A half pound patty melt and fries for $8.25, is a great deal, plus you getting to watch your football team win, in a relaxed atmosphere. Garf's really did make our Sunday a fun day! So three cheers to Garf's Good times!

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  1. Chris needs to get something besides a chef's salad... how lame!

    Seriously though, enjoy your blog.