Sunday, October 11, 2009

Welcome Back Bob!

So I decided to start this blog with one of my favorite childhood places, Bob's Big Boy. They are back in Orange county for the first time in years. They plan on opening more units in the near future. The first Big Boy is locted in the city of Orange, in the Stadium Promenade shopping center on Katella and Main.

So when I walk up to Big Boy and see Bob proudly holding up his hamburger namesake, it instantly tranforms me to my childhood years. On this visit I am meeting up with my girlfriend and parents before Ducks opening night at the Honda Center. The place is packed, but the wait is less than five minutes. The place is big with a lot of tables and plenty of wait and support staff.

So now on to the thing that has kept bringing people back to Big Boy for all these years, the food. I know right away what I am having for dinner, a Big Boy with fries and an extra Big Boy. I know it is a lot of food, but I have been so looking forward to this and the burger does not disappoint. The double decker burger has tow patties and a great combo of mayo and their famous red relish. A masterpiece on a bun! The burger is as good as a I rememeber. The fries are just average, but are not meant to be the star of the show.

For dessert a hot fudge cake to share, (Sorry no photo available). Kind of skimmpy on the hot fudge, but still a great way to top off the nostalgic meal! Service was great and we will definetly will be back.

For more information about Big Boy, visit their web site:

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  1. Grew up with Bob Big Boy and enjoyed this one. Glad to see the comeback. Everytning is the same except the salad that comes with the combo. The old salad was better, iceberg lettuce on a bed of iceberg lettuce covered in Bob'd blue cheese dressing. Of course the lettuce was always slightly wilted, but what the heck, it is Bob's.