Thursday, October 29, 2009

Tijuana Gillies
23962-2 Alicia Pky
Mission Viejo, CA

So my girlfriend and I had a coupon and wanted to stay local, so we decided to give Tijuana Gillies a try. A little disclaimer though, we had been here before for brunch, she liked it and I did not, so we decided to give it another shot. On a Sunday night at five, we walked right in and did not have to wait. In fact, the place was darn near empty, except for the three loud dudes watching the football game in their tiny bar.

I have always been told that you can judge a Mexican restaurant by their chips and salsa, so if this was the case, I knew this place was going to be in trouble. The salsa looked and tasted like canned tomato soup with onion added. The chips were mediocre.

Not to give anything away, but the highlight of the meal for me was this bland salad. It was not the salad itself that made me take notice, but the fact that it was only 1.99 with the purchase of an entree. I always enjoy when you get a break on the salad if you are going to eat an entree. Props to Tijuana's for this!


Now on to those entree's. I choose the burrito Colorado. Filled with un-savory beef and beans topped with lackluster red sauce. The only sign of life that this dish showed was when lots of Tapito was added. Rice and beans were average.

Katie decided to get the Mama's special. It consisted of a cheese quesadilla, and a mini tostada. She thought it was good, but not great. Not exactly a ringing endorsement, but on the other hand she did not hate it. I did have a bite of both items and thought the quesadilla was okay and the chicken tostada had a lot of lettuce and very little chicken.

Our waitress did a great job for us. She was on top of the drinks and anything else that we needed, (of course she only had two tables the whole time we were there, but that is beside the point!). All in all, if you are looking forward to a bland evening of Mexican food give Tijuana Gillies a try. I will bypass this place and head to the Del Taco down the street. For more information, check out their website

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  1. Who is this girlfriend of yours???? She sounds like she will eat anything - sheesh. :) I love your blog and I love you too - I'll try to be more picky in the future food wise!!!

  2. We ate here and will never go back, worst food we have ever had at a restaurant!

  3. Lauren, It has been a year ago since I wrote this post, and it is still bad. Thanks for the update. We will take your advice, and avoid this place. Thanks for the comment.