Thursday, September 13, 2012

Destination Dessert in Westminster!

Crepe Corner
9329 Bolsa Avenue
Westminster, CA 92683

We had just finished a meal, but still had a little room for dessert. There is always room for dessert right? Our Asian food expert, Kat from Kat's 9 Lives, was with us, and knew just the spot we should try for dessert, Crepe Corner.

I admit it, I get totally lost when I am in this area. Luckily, Kat knows her way around this neighborhood like the back of her hand. Crepe Corner is a restaurant inside another restaurant. The restaurant with the bigger sign and area is Zen Vegetarian Restaurant. Not exactly my favorite kind of place, so I was a little skeptical.

We got to Crepe Corner at about nine on a Friday night. The restaurant was buzzing with activity. I do not hang out in this area of town often, but almost all places we passed on the streets had lots of people inside of them, and Zen/Crepe Corner was no exception. During our visit, large families, couples on dates, and older people came through the door, mainly for the vegetarian food. The two restaurants are not overly large. Maybe fifteen tables, with a large stage off to the side that is used for Karaoke. Thankfully, that had not started during our visit, or I would have had to bust out my rendition of Monkey by George Michael.

Ordering for Crepe Corner is done at the counter to the right, as you walk in the door. Their menu includes four all ready made crepes, that come with specific toppings, or they offer a checklist style of ordering, which is the route we went. The base price for each crepe is $2.49, and toppings, fruits, spreads, and ice cream is extra. After ordering, we found a table in the dining room and waited for the crepes to come out. After a wait of ten minutes, this is what came out  for us.

Let's start with my crepe creation. At Crepe Corner you have the option of having your crepe crunchy or soft. We all went for the crunchy version. I think I would try the soft version the next time I come here. I kind of like a slight chew to the crepe skin. I added peanut butter, banana, vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce to my crepe. The chocolate sauce was used very sparingly, so I did not get much of that. The peanut butter was good, but a little dry. Two scoops of ice cream may have been needed to moisten up this crepe. The banana was ripe, and was probably the add on that stood out the most.

Katie had almost the exact opposite crepe as me. Yes, she did have it crispy, but that is where the similarities end. She got hers with chocolate ice cream, caramel sauce, and strawberries. When this came out of the kitchen the strawberries were absent, but she ate this anyways. She liked it, but was not wowed by it. She also felt that the crispy crepe skin was a little off.

Here's a quick look at Kat's crepe. I know for sure that she added Nutella to her crepe, but I am not sure what else she added. She did seem very pleased with her choice though.

Crepe Corner is one of those places that I think you need to go to more than one time to find your perfect crepe. They offer 8 kinds of fruit, 9 kinds of spreads, 4 kinds of ice cream, and 12 kinds of toppings. I am no mathematician, but even I know that makes for a lot of different combinations that can be made. The prices here were not too bad for dessert. I got the most things on my crepe, and it came out to less than $6. The service was fair here. We did not have a waitress or anything, so when we were done we walked back up to the  counter and asked for our check. Not exactly destination dining, but if you are in the area, and craving a light dessert, this might be the place for you.

Out of five drive-in theaters, (in honor of this being our first Westminster review, and the last drive-in theater in OC appeared in this city up until 1997), five being best to zero being worst, Crepe Corner gets 2.5 drive-in theaters.

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