Saturday, October 1, 2011

Excellent Adventure at Ted's?

Ted's Place
23990 Aliso Creek Road
Laguna Niguel, CA 92677

Almost every neighborhood, (okay maybe not Aliso Viejo, but almost everywhere else), has a place like Ted's Place. Usually it is owned by a Greek family, the menu is usually enormous, and most of the time locals crowd this kind of restaurant on weekend mornings eating large breakfasts. Ted's is no exception to these generalizations.

Ted's Place has been around for as long as I have lived in South OC, (almost ten years). It is owned by a Greek family, and the owner is here almost every time I visit. The menu features breakfast items, sandwiches, Mexican Favorites, Greek meals, salads, and full on dinners, like seafood plates and meatloaf. I won a bet from Mario at my work, so he owed me lunch here. After ordering at the counter, this is how Mario paid his debt to me.

I started with a heaping plate of Chili Cheese Fries. This portion was about the size of a football. I know that the fries are probably just frozen fries and not made fresh, but they are fried to perfection here, and complimented the chili and cheese well. The chili is not spicy, and not big on flavor but it works. Almost every fry was covered by chili and cheese.

I was a little full from all the fries, but I still managed to finish this Bacon Avocado Cheeseburger. This burger was good, but I do not understand why it is good. The patty is very thin, and probably made well in advance. The cheese is okay, nothing spectacular. The avocado was fresh, but unremarkable. The bun is sturdy, but beyond that it does not add too much to the overall taste of the burger. Bacon is always good, but I can not detect the difference between this swine, and others. I came to the conclusion that the burger works because all of these ingredients interact together to create a satisfying burger.

Mario and Mike each ordered the same burger, Ted's Signature Burger. This burger came with a treasure trove of condiments. Swiss cheese, bacon, lettuce, tomato, onion, onion rings, and Cole slaw. I am sure I am forgetting some of the hundred things that went on this burger. Again, both Mario and Mike felt that this burger was delicious. All of the big flavors worked together to form a great tasting burger.

I am trying to come up with reasons why I like Ted's Place so much. Maybe its because of the portion sizes. Burgers and other plates are really big here.  I have had much better burgers, but every time I leave Ted's I feel very satisfied. The service is okay here, and the owner is very nice. Prices are pretty good for what you get. Burgers are in the $4 to $7 range. They even offer a one pound cheeseburger, served with fries and a drink for $10. The breakfasts here are pretty good as well. They make a decent breakfast burrito, and all of their breakfast skillets will keep you stuffed well into dinner time. I am glad I went to Ted's Place, I just am not sure why I liked it. Guess it is best not to over analyze it, and just enjoy the food coma.

Out of five bears, (in reference to of course, to teddy bears), five being best to zero being worst, Ted's Place gets 3 teddy bears.

Ted's Place does not have a web site, but you can find reviews and info here:

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