Sunday, April 17, 2011

O'Brien's Welcomes Us to NYC

O' Brien's NYC
134 W. 46th St.
New York, NY 10036

Recently we headed to New York City for a week to see a baseball game, hockey game, and of course to see what the Big Apple had to offer in the way of food. I have a lot of places to show you, so hop that subway car, and let's checkout NYC.

We arrived from LAX on Sunday at about 10pm. After a quick walk through Times Square we were famished. I had a list of places to eat, but we wanted to go somewhere close for a quick bite, so we went across the street from our hotel and found O' Brien's.

O'Brien's is a narrow restaurant and bar that is right in the heart of Times Square. Dark, and kind of tucked away, this bar seems to attract the locals and people trying to get out of the chaos that is Times Square. Two stories high, with their upper level termed the, "Sin Bin", this is where we are seated for our first meal in the empire state. Let's checkout the food.

Eating at such a late hour, my Mom wanted a light meal, and ordered the Cream of Broccoli Soup. She felt this soup was okay. I think she was much more excited about the bread basket that came with the soup. I felt the soup was average as well, and was too watery. The flavor was also a little too bland.

My Dad went with the BBQ Beef Sandwich. Sliced roast beef served with barbecue sauce. He did not rave about this sandwich, but when asked, he told me it was good. The winner on this plate seemed to be the fries. My Dad devoured these skinny fries and my Mom had her fair share of these too. So much for eating light late at night.

Katie wanted to go back to her Irish roots, so she got the O'Brien's Classic Corned Beef on Rye. She felt that the meat on this could have been sliced thinner, and the sandwich only came alive once she added the spicy hot mustard. She rated this sandwich about average.

For my choice, the O'Brien Burger was calling my name. This burger came with Irish cheddar cheese and limerick bacon. The limerick bacon had an almost Canadian bacon look and taste to it. A little less salty, and more mellow than American bacon. This burger was fine, but a little over-cooked.

Okay so the food at O'Brien's was just average bar food. It did sustain us, and helped us go to sleep with full stomachs. The real reason to go to O'Brien's is the staff. They made us feel like locals each of the three times we came back here for a nightcap. A special shout out to our new friends we made here, Honoree and Tunde. You guys killed it. Thanks for everything.

So out of five shamrocks, five being best to zero being worst, O'Brien's gets 2.5 shamrocks.

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