Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Does Mollie's Do Breakfast Right?

Mollie's Country Kitchen
27932 La Paz Rd.
Laguna Niguel, CA 92677

Mollie's Country Kitchen is easy to miss. If you are looking for it on a Sunday morning it is easier, you just have to look for all the people waiting outside for a table. It is located in a non-descript strip mall off of La Paz Road, close to the Walgreens.

I have been here about three times and it is always crowded, but they always seem to have it under control. The wait never really is that long, they get you in and out pretty quick. Also, for how busy it is, the servers are very nice, and really make you feel welcome.

On this Sunday morning we got here about ten, and the wait is about five minutes for our party of four. So lets see what we had to eat.

This was John's meal. He got the Vegetarian Omelette, and Buckwheat Pancakes. The waitress warned him before he got this, that these were not a popular dishes, but he went for it anyways. He actually liked these plates and ate all of them. The pancakes were big, and easily filled the plate. The omelette seemed a little sparse in the vegetable department, but he did not seem to mind.

Next we have Jay's Hash with a Poached Egg. Jay is a corned beef hash connoisseur. He said the only way to eat hash is with poached eggs on top of it, not on the side. He added that it is hard to duplicate good hash, and this was just adequate hash. I have never really been into hash, so I will trust his expertise here.

Matt chose the Banana Pancakes with two eggs and sausage. Matt is a big breakfast eater and  swears by the banana pancakes here. They were a very good sized serving, and he seemed to enjoy them. I usually stray from pancakes with fruit on them, because I would miss the maple syrup.  

All of the reviews I have read about Mollies have talked about their Mexican breakfast dishes. So I opted for the Chili Verde above. This dish is served with two eggs, hash browns and refried beans. I also got flour tortillas not shown. This dish was very good. The pork chunks were very tender and the green sauce was a little runny, but had a great flavor. I would have liked a little more guacamole on the plate, but otherwise this was a solid breakfast.

I understand why people line up for breakfast at Mollies. They really make you feel at home while you are there. In future visits I am looking forward to trying more of their Mexican dishes.

Out of five Ringwald's, (yes I know that she spells Mollie differently, but she was in Breakfast Club, and this post is about breakfast, so it works here), five being best to zero being worst, Mollies Country Kitchen gets three Ringwald's.

Mollies Country Kitchen does not have a web site, so for more information click here:

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